Current & Completed Traditional Grants

This is a sampling of past and current traditional grants projects that have been approved.

Title of Project College Student(s)
 Population Genetics of Great Lakes Region Invasive Mussels  SET  Adeline Bauer
 Molecular Genetic and Behavioral Analysis of the Effects of Endocrine
Disrupting Compounds on Sperm Competition in Hybrid Rats
 SET  Tyler Beyett
 The Effect of a Wellness Program on Injury Prevention, Physical Activity
 Levels, Cardiovascular Risks, Physical Fitness in Firefighters
 HHS  Jade Fulton & Jillian Peterson
 French & English Speaking Canadians  ABS  Bethany Benson
 Procrastination in College Students  ABS  Timothy Pionk
 Assessing Ecosystem Health and Pollution in Michigan's Lower Peninsula
 Using Parasite-Host Relationships in Various Species of Frogs
 SET  Brenton Fetting
 Effect of Silicon on the Impact Toughness and Tensile Strength of Plain Carbon Steels  SET  Joshua Gittings
 Molecular Ecology and Population Genetics of Michigan Waterfow  SET  Christi Raines
 Advanced Practice Nurses' Health Policy Involvement  HHS  Katherine Warren
 Outdoor Wheelchair-Accessible Merry-Go-Round  SET  David Bosco, Jason Kopka & Ashley Schumacher
 Waste for Worms Initiative  SET  Doug Butterfield, Brennan MacMillan & Jason Haubenstricker
 Rome Festival: Chamber Music Festival  ABS  Eric Gibelyou
 Gender Studies  ABS  Christopher Applin
 The Taber-Keller Trap  SET  Oliver Keller
 No Falls on My Watch  HHS  Ashley Tupper
 The effects of developmental and post?injury environments on the
 functional recovery of rats following traumatic brain injury
 ABS  Sarah (Evan Nudi) Fluharty
 To Make Artificial Intelligence Methods into Distributed Jobs  SET  Joshua Urbain
 President Gerald Ford's Relations with Portugal, Indonesia, and East Timor in 1975  ABS  Julie Boon
 Analysis of the Effects of Three Endocrine Disrupting Compounds on Parameters
Related to Sperm Competition in Hybrid Rats: Sex &  Phenotypic Litter Ratios, Behavior and Histology
 SET  Nancy Lackey
 Tlatelolco, Mexico Student Massacre of 1968  ABS  Korey Force
 Artichoke Deterrent for Potato Beetles  SET  Kristina Stilson
 Crayfish Urine as the Signal of Dominance  SET  Matthew Wolf
 Develop a Power-Generating Bicycle  SET  Larry Ferreira, Ryan Bender, Paul Graczyk & Adam DeSmet
 Green News Network  ABS  Lisa & Julie Luce
 The Effects of the Neuromodulator Serotonin on Muscle Activity  SET  Lucinda Wenzlick
 Cassette Culture  ABS  Maegan Byer
 Vermicompost dryer  SET  Todd Andrzejewski, Dustin Finn & Josh Hand
 Barcelona, Spain, stage management  ABS  Mara Berton
 Aquaponics Automated Monitoring System  SET  Amiji Mufadal, Mohamed Mkakile & Dean Norfleet
 Shattering the Glass Ceiling for Women in Ghana  CBM  Nana Kwame Akowuah
 Literary Criticism: Elementary Style  ABS  Nicole Tomlinson
 A Qualitative Investigation of the Expectations of African American
 Mothers in Saginaw and Their Impact on Their Child's Academic Achievement
 ABS  Pamela Johnson
 Handwriting Without Tears  HHS  Katelyn Bilbee & Michelle Sova
 Alternative Energy Charging Station  SET  Ron Allison, Jason Gerard, Paul Miller & Ben Weihl
 Investigation into the Effects and Implications of the Increase in the Michigan
 Minimum Wage on the Tri-County Businesses
 CBM  Samantha Noah
 Investigation of Injury Patterns among Decedents in Aircraft Crashes  ABS  Stephen Richey
 E-Braille  SET  Toulee Hang, Palak Patel, Marcu Gabriel & Mohammad Alenmer
 Isoprene Synthase  SET  Katie Conlon & Alyssa Tarrant
 Portable Solar Powered Water Filtration Unit  SET  Vishal Parimoo
 Podcast & website  ABS  Scott Merrow
 Post-injury environments on depression & anxiety in rats following traumatic brain injury  HHS  Kasey Moritz
 Isoprene Synthase Enzymes  SET  April Lukowski
 Stylissamide X  SET  Cameron Volders
 Papilio genetic markers  SET  Travis Washburn
 Fitbit  HHS  Elizabeth Groendal & Kerri Vasold
 Approximating intergrals  SET  Meghan Peer
 Solar Array  SET  Matthew Johnson, Tyler Mietz & Mike Sprinkles

ABS - Arts & Behavioral Sciences
CBM - Business & Management
HHS - Health & Human Services
SET - Science, Engineering & Technology