‌‌I AM GRAD-SCHOOL BOUND, and the Dow SRCI is part of the reason‌

Ashley Tupper, B.S.N, 2012, is enrolled in the U of M’s community health masters program. Knowing that she was competing for limited spots against nurses with years of practice, Ashley thinks “the knowledge and research experience through SRCI at an undergraduate level helped seal the deal on my acceptance.”

Ashley received $4,300 for her project, “No Falls on My Watch:  An Evidence-Based/Best Practice Information Dissemination Project.”  The project included the creation of a tool kit that offered best practice articles, worksheets and other prevention materials that were made available to four area healthcare agencies.

The project not only gave Ashley the opportunity to establish networking connections, but it helped her develop grant-writing skills, served as a foundation for her future graduate research, and offered her the opportunity to make three professional presentations; she has also co-written a scholarly article with her SRCI advisor.