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Consortium for Policy, Evaluation, & Research (CPER)

Applications are currently being accepted, no due date

Submit your application using the online application system, and clicking on the opportunity you are intereseted in.


Saginaw Valley State University is receiving requests from regional agencies asking SVSU to conduct evaluation work. Yearly faculty will submit an application with their credentials to be part of the Consortium for Policy, Evaluation & Research (CPER) team.

The application includes a place for Dean's support for the faculty member's use of his/her time on these projects. Dean's support takes into consideration the faculty members standing in the Department/College.

If the yearly application does not receive the Dean's support, Sponsored Programs would not include or assign the faculty member a role on CPER projects. If support is given, Sponsored Programs would include/assign the faculty member a role on CPER projects, as appropriate.

For every project proposed, Sponsored Programs will use the same process used for grant applications/projects to secure University approvals.

Application: Consortium for Policy, Evaluation, & Research (CPER) (30kB)