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Awards Received in Fiscal Year 2015-2016

College of Arts & Behavioral Sciences

  • James Hitt, Associate Professor of Philosophy, submitted an application to have the 2016 American Association of Philosophy Teachers (AAPT) International Workshop Conference held here at SVSU.  This conference will benefit those teaching philosophy, SVSU and the community as educators from various locations will visit the campus and region.

College of Business & Management

  • Micah DelVecchio, Assistant Profesor of Economic, received support from the Midland Area Homes, Inc. (MAH) to develop a Cost-Benefit Validation Study. His analysis of data will provide MAH with valuable information to assist in determining if funding should be pursued to relocate their facility.
  • Hong Park, Professor of Economics, received a six-month fellowship for the Field Research program from the Korea Foundation.  This opportunity to focus on his research in Korea while connecting with Korean scholars will be invaluable. 

College of Education

  • Tammara Barrientos, Director of the SVSU Regional Mathematics and Science Center, received $373,944 from the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) to support the continuation of the Intel Math program, $220,000 from MDE to provide professional learning opportunities for 2nd -7th grade teachers through the Core Ideas of Science program, and another $63,183 from MDE to support the Mathematics and Science Center.  The professional growth the Center provides in mathematics and science to area teachers is important to the region's students.
  • Carolyn Wierda, Executive Director of STEM, received $16,360 from The Dow Chemical Company Foundation to support the attendance of area teachers and superintendents at the STEM Solutions Conference in San Diego. The training received will strengthen their professional development in STEM initiatives.  She also secured $50,000 from theThe Dow Chemical Company Foundation to support the STEM Network Leader position here at SVSU.

College of Health and Human Services

  • Dustin Spencer, Assistant Professor of Nursing, received $35,000 from the Michigan Department of Human Services to support the program, "Implementing a Mobile Rural Interprofessional Clinic Focused on the Reduction of Emergency and Hospital Admission/Readmission of the Chronically Ill."  The collaboration with Northern Bay Ambulance to bring healthcare services into the home provides a valuable learning opportunity for SVSU students involved in the program.

College of Science, Engineering and Technology

  • Stephanie Brouet, Associate Professor of Chemistry, received $381,000 from The Dow Corning Foundation to continue the Dow Corning Foundation - SVSU - Community STEM Partnership program.  This program impacts area teachers and their students as they partner with SVSU Faculty and Dow Ambassadors to help change attitudes regarding STEM courses and careers.
  • Bruce Hart, Manager of the Independent Testing Lab,received $17,500 from the Michigan Corporate Relations Network to support the Small Company Innovation Program partnership with Savant, Inc.  This program provides a wonderful opportunity for Savant, Inc, the Independent Testing Lab and SVSU students.
  • Edward Meisel, Lecturer of Chemistry, received $8,000 from the Bay Area Community Foundation, and $6,500 from the Tolfree Foundation to support the Garden to Plate Wellness Program.  The sustainable techniques used in the SVSU Greenhouse promote education, wellness and health; brings hands-on, STEM activities to participating students and community members.
  • David Stanton, Professor of Biology, received $9,000 from the State of Michigan to support his "Genetics, Lake Huron" project.  His research to treat and control sites containing invasive species and to educate citizens in the Saginaw Bay watershed population is important work.


  • Jeremy Bockelman, Director MMTC-NE, received $1,587,888 from the Department of Commerce: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  The training programs MMTC-NE will be providing to smaller companies will greatly benefit their operations.
  • Jenna Briggs, Director of Graduate and International Admissions, received monetary support from the exchange programs IREX, World Learning, and Brazil Scientific Mobility Program to bring students to SVSU from Brazil, Tunisia, Kosovo, Pakistan, China, Egypt, Kenya, Nicaragua, and Uzbekistan.  These programs provide a wonderful experience for these international students and the SVSU community.
  • Helen Raica-Klotz, Director of the Writing Center, received $4,000 from the Saginaw Community Foundation to support the Saginaw Community Writing Center.  The collaboration with Butman-Fish Library and the SVSU Writing Center tutors provides a service-learning opportunity for SVSU students while helping to improve the writing skills of participating community members. Ms. Raica-Klotz received $13,030 in support from the Saginaw Community Foundation to offer various writing workshops through the Saginaw Community Writing Center program.  This project will positively impact community members by educating and empowering them through the development of literacy and writing skills.
  • Calvin Talley, Special Assistant to the Provost, received support from Campus Compact to participate in the Urban & Regional Partnerships for Civic Learning & Student Success Initiative.  SVSU's involvement in improving civic learning and student success within Saginaw County provides a great benefit to community teachers and students.
  • Mamie Thorns, Special Assistant to the President for Diversity Programs, received $30,404 and $9,537 in State support for the King, Chavez, Parks Future Faculty Fellowship and Visiting Professors Programs, $12,000 from the Dow Corning Donor Advised Fund to support the Great Lakes Bay Regional Youth Leadership Institute, and $34,321 from the Michigan State Police to support the STEP UP Cardinals program. All of these important programs positively impact both the campus community and the community-at-large.
  • Marilyn Wheaton, Director of the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum, received $20,000 from The Dow Chemical Company to support the 11th  annual Saints and Sinners Gala, $18,000 from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs to support the Museum's 2016 exhibition programs, and $6,100 from the Maxwell K. Pribil Memorial Fund to support the Regional Biennial Juried Sculpture Exhibition.  Her continued efforts to secure funding to bring cultural exhibitions and educational opportunities to the Museum provide a unique opportunity to showcase diverse artwork and impact cultural appreciation.  

Awards Received In Previous Fiscal Years