Awards Received in Fiscal Year 2014-2015

College of Arts & Behavioral Sciences

  • Monika Dix, Assistant Professor of Modern Foreign Languages, received $1,650 from the Association for Asian Studies to bring distinguished speaker Michael Bourdaghs to the campus to discuss the subject of Japanese literature.  Her efforts to broaden the understanding of Japanese literature is valued.
  • John Kaczynski, Assistant Professor of Political Science, received an $18,558 contract from the City of Midland to provide leadership in their strategic planning process. In addition to sharing his expertise with the community, he is providing SVSU students with an opportunity to be involved in an important community effort. 

College of Business & Management

  • Danilo Sirias, Professor of Management, received $2,000 from Theory of Constraints for Education, Inc (TOCFE) for the TOC for Education Online Virtual Conference.
  • Rama Yelkur, Dean College of Business & Management and Rejeana Heinrich, Associate Director of the Stevens Center for Family Business, received $2,584 from the Michigan State University Regional Economic Innovation program to support their Small Family Business Database research project.  The creation of a database of family-owned businesses in the Great Lakes Bay Region and analysis of that data will be valuable to the region.

College of Education

  • Tamara Barrientos, Director SVSU Regional Mathematics and Science Center, received $63,183 from the Michigan Department of Education for the Mathematics and Science Center and $500 from Saginaw Township Community Schools to develop and implement a Family Math, Science & Engineering Day.  The professional development provided to local teachers to strengthen their leadership in teaching STEM education is important.
  • Marlena Bravender, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, received $1,500 from the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL), and $5,000 from the NEA Foundation for the Improvement for Education to support her research regarding the value of online simulation tools for Spanish foreign language experiences in regional middle schools. 
  • Deborah Smith, Professor of Teacher Education, received $220,000 from the Michigan Department of Education to implement her "Real Writing" project.  The professional development and learning opportunities to be provided to local teachers in educating on the importance of writing as a tool for learning, will benefit our region.

Crystal M. Lange College of Health & Human Services

  • David Berry, Professor of Kinesiology, received $400 from Ball State University to purchase an oxygen delivery system.  His collaboration with Ball State University and SVSU athletic training students is valuable.      
  • Joshua Ode, Associate Professor of Kinesiology, received $94,301 from the U.S. Department of Justice to support Project Safe Neighborhoods.  The collaboration with the City of Saginaw to conduct research by collecting and analyzing data that will be used to reduce crime and violence in Saginaw is an important endeavor.  Mr. Ode received $36,205 from the Midland Area Community Foundation to support the Midland County Behavioral Risk Survey.  His efforts to measure health factors and conditions in Midland County will be very beneficial.

College of Science, Engineering and Technology

  • Kyle Cissell, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, received $4,000 from The University of Notre Dame for his Summer Research Faculty Fellowship in the 3-D printed instruments group.
  • David Karpovich, H.H. Dow Endowed Chair, received $61,449 from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to support his project to monitor the Bad Axe Creek.   
  • Rajani Muraleedharan, Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, received a $2,500 Undergraduate Fellowship from the Michigan Space Grant Consortium on behalf of student Roan Woodruff for his research: Multirotor Swarm for Autonomous Space Exploration.  Her efforts help fulfill SVSU's goal of providing undergraduate research opportunities to students.
  • Robert Tuttle, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, received $21,359 from the American Foundry Society for his project, "Thermal Property Trends in Green Sand." His research to test thermal conductivity and heat capacity on different green sands will be valuable to industrial foundries and SVSU students as they continue to learn from your valued mentorship.


  • Harry Leaver, Executive Director Center for Business and Economic Development, received $186,250 from the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center in support of the Northeast Office at SVSU.  Mr. Leaver received $49,969 from The Michigan Strategic Fund to support the Regional Export Network.  The leadership and service provided to area businesses concerning exporting is valuable.
  • Office of International Programs received monetary support from the exchange programs IREX and World Learning, welcoming thirteen students to SVSU from Tunisia, Eurasia, Pakistan, Mozambique, Morocco, Oman, Jordan, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.  These programs provide a wonderful experience for the international students and the SVSU community.
  • Mamie Thorns, Special Assistant to the President for Diversity Programs, received $2,000 from the Dow Corning Corporation, $12,000 from The Dow Corning Foundation Donor Advised Funds, $10,000 from The Dow Chemical Company, and $10,000 from the Dow Chemical Company Foundation Donor Advised Fund, for the Youth Leadership Institute to strengthen leadership skills of high school and college students in the Great Lakes Bay Region.  Ms. Thorns received $30,404 and $9,537 from the King, Chavez, Parks Future Faculty Fellowship Program and Visiting Professors Program
  • Joseph Vogl, Director of Annual Giving, received $3,500 from the PNC Foundation to support two scholarships for elementary education students.
  • Marilyn Wheaton, Director Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum, received $17,240 from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs to support the Museum's exhibition programs.  Her continued efforts to secure funding to bring exhibits to the Museum which enhance SVSU and the surrounding community's cultural experience is appreciated.
  • Carolyn Weirda, Executive Director of STEM@SVSU, received $295,515 from The Dow Chemical Company, and $150,000 and $200,000 from The Dow Chemical Company Foundation to support STEM opportunities.  Her leadership in the collaboration and integration of STEM initiatives at SVSU and in the surrounding community is vital to supporting STEM education and opportunities in our region.  Ms. Weirda receved $5,000 from The Dow Chemical Company Foundation for the professional development of K-12 administrators.

Awards Received In Previous Fiscal Years