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Awards Received in Fiscal Year 2016-2017

College of Arts & Behavioral Sciences

  • Monika Dix, Associate Professor of Modern Foreign Languages, received $1,000 from the Japan Foundation to purchase Japanese teaching materials.  Her continued efforts to promote knowledge about Japanese literature, history and culture is important and appreciated. 

College of Education

  • Tammara Barrientos, Director of the SVSU Regional Mathematics and Science Center, received $63,183 from the Michigan Department of Education to support the Mathematics and Science Center.  The professional growth the Center continues to provide to area teachers in the subjects of mathematics and science is significant to the region’s students.  
  • Carolyn Wierda, Executive Director of STEM, received $25,000 from AT&T to support a student STEM project and $50,000 from The Dow Chemical Company Foundation to support the Network Leader STEM position.  The leadership you provide in the STEM field benefits the SVSU community and Great Lakes Bay Region.    

College of Health and Human Services

  • Kathleen Schachman, Randall Wickes Endowed Chair in Nursing, received $549,967 and $974,991, from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for the projects, Advanced Nursing Education Program with Wayne State University and Integrated Collaborative Care Delivery at an Interprofessional University.  She also received $2,400 from the Mid Central Area Health Education Center support for the DNP programThese projects will enhance student’s clinical experiences and bring support to the University Clinic at the Bay County Health Department.   

College of Science, Engineering and Technology

  • Poonam Dharam, Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Information Systems, received $9,000 from the Google IgniteCS Mentorship Program to support an afterschool program at White Pine Middle School.  The program you and student Michael Roof are implementing with 20 students to explore and understand technology is a great program to spark interest in learning.    
  • David Karpovich, Herbert H. Dow Endowed Chair in Chemistry, received $73,675 from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and $10,000 from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to support your Saginaw Bay Watershed and Bad Axe Urban Stormwater Monitoringprojects.  These are both great projects for students to be directly involved in learning activities in STEM fields.   


  • Jenna Briggs, Director of Graduate and International Admissions, received monetary support from the exchange programs American Councils for International Education, IREX and World Learning to bring students from Russia, Pakistan, Tunisia, Algeria, Costa Rica, and Mauritania to the campus. These programs provide a wonderful experience for these international students and the SVSU community.
  • Angela Pohl, Associate Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator, received $1,275 from the Allen E. and Marie A. Nickless Memorial Foundation to support the 2016-17 Community Youth Days at SVSU.  These are great events to engage the community at SVSU. 
  • Mamie Thorns, Special Assistant to the President for Diversity Programs, received $30,849 and $19,352 from the King, Chavez, Parks Future Faculty Fellowship Program and Visiting Professors Program and $5,000 from The Dow Chemical Company Foundation to support the Great Lakes Bay Regional Youth Leadership Institute.  Her continued efforts to strengthen the leadership skills of high school and college students in the Great Lakes Bay Region is admirable.
  • Marilyn Wheaton, Director of the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum, received $5,000 and $21,000 from Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass  and Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs to support the Museum’s 2017 exhibition programs.  She also received $5,935 from The National Endowment for the Humanities to support an environmental study.  The Museum continues to host significant and educational exhibitions, enhancing the cultural experience of the community. 


Awards Received In Previous Fiscal Years