Amy Idzior, Autism Coordinator for Saginaw Township Community Schools

Amy Idzior is a graduate of SVSU’s College of Education. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master in Arts of Teaching.  After completing graduate work, Amy chose SVSU to earn her Early Childhoood endorsement.  Amy has also taken a class at SVSU to renew her teaching certificate.  During these different experiences, whether going for a degree or taking a class as a life long learner, Amy has always been impressed at the interactions she had with the students and staff at SVSU.  The professors allowed Amy to study and discuss areas of her own interest as well as introducing her to new research based strategies.  Amy was able to work full time while in college by taking classes that fit into her schedule.  She took many night and weekend courses to complete her degrees.

 Once Amy graduated, she received a job right away, even though it was in the middle of the school year.  Amy was a resource room teacher, early childhood developmentally delayed teacher, and now is the Autism Coordinator.  Out of all her experiences, Amy has found her courses at SVSU while being a classroom teacher the most rewarding.  Amy was able to network with peers who had a passion for teaching and took the exciting new lessons learned to apply them into her own classroom.  The professors took the time to get to know Amy on a personal level and challenged her to reach her own potential as a learner.  Even after completing her course work at SVSU, Amy is still in contact with professors and some even use her classroom as real life experience for undergraduates.

As a special educator, Amy would encourage others to consider getting their graduate degree in special education.  “SVSU offers a fantastic program and the local schools are in need of qualified applicants for special education positions.  Even if a job in special education is not the right match, a graduate program with a focus in special education is still quite valuable.”  General education teachers can use the strategies to work with students who have special needs as they are taught in their least restrictive environment with inclusive settings.   Many times students from SVSU would come to Amy’s special needs classroom and see the value of being a special education teacher.  They would later let her know they went on to get a graduate degree in special education.  It is a valuable degree for all teachers and is one of the outstanding programs that the College of Education at SVSU offers to its students