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SVSU will be hosting one more MSW Open House Nov 2019 (870KB) on campus later this month. We'll provide refreshments and important information about our program, admission requirements, and provide an opportunity for questions!

  • Wednesday, November 20, from 6-8 PM in Gilbertson Hall, Room 214

RSVP today to let us know if you'll be able to join us!


Master of Social Work

We are Cardinals — social workers, life-changers, and go-getters. We promote human rights and advocate for those in need. We see every struggle as an opportunity to rise together. We are Saginaw Valley State University and we are waiting for you. Join us today.


MSW Policy Manual

Download Here

Download MSW Policy Manual (PDF 1kb)

Contact Us
(989) 964-6096(989) 964-6096
(989) 964-6066


Wickes 230


8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.