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Field Placement

During the first two years, students work on general education requirements and prerequisites. In the junior year, students begin the core BSW curriculum in preparation for field placement. Along with advanced courses during senior year, students are placed in an agency two days a week for two semesters to learn to provide social work services to clients under the supervision of a field instructor. This is unique to social work and provides the student with professional experience prior to graduation. This gives BSW graduates a tremendous advantage when seeking a professional position after graduation.

The Social Work Program is blessed with many fine field agencies located throughout the region. Students take an active role in selecting a site that meets their interests and learning needs. Commuting students may select an agency that is closer to home. Students residing on campus can find numerous agencies within a short commute from campus. Placement options include: schools, hospitals, nursing homes, mental health, family and youth services, prevention services, residential facilities, domestic violence programs, Department of Human Services sites, protective services, foster care, adoption, aging services, substance abuse, hospice, family court, and Head Start.