Admission Requirements

Before you begin the admissions process, please review the Admissions Requirements listed below:

  • 2.50 GPA
  • Completion of SW 215 or equivalent
  • Satisfactory completion of 40 hours of volunteer work in a human service organization (normally part of the course requirements for SW 215)
  • Completion of 40 credits
  • Completion of all Basic Skills requirements

** There are no exceptions for any of the above listed admissions requirements. 

If you have met the requirements listed above, please prepare for the admission process by gathering the following documentation/information.  You will only have two attempts to complete the on-line admissions process.  It is important you allow at least one hour when completing the on-line admissions process.  Once you complete the application, please click the save button.  Review the application to ensure the information is correct and the degree audit is uploaded correctly.  Once you have reviewed the application, click the submission button.  You will be directed to the written portion of the application- you will have one hour to complete the questions. 

  • Student Identification Number
  • Names and email addresses of two individuals used for reference (Individuals identified for reference cannot be family members, friends, or personal references.  You should choose individuals who are familiar with your academic aptitude as well as your ability to move successfully through the Social Work program).
  • Your contact information
  • Download and save degree audit from Cardinal Direct (instructions for saving and uploading are listed below)

Weblink for Social Work program application:

Instructions for saving and uploading a degree audit from Cardinal Direct:

1.            Sign into Cardinal Direct to access your degree audit

2.            Once the degree audit is open, right click

3.            Choose “select all”

4.            (All text should be highlighted) Right click

5.            Choose” copy”

6.            Open a new Word Document

7.            Right click within the blank document

8.            Choose “paste”

9.            Choose “A” under paste

10.          Save as a word document

11.          Within the application for Social Work Major, choose to upload degree audit

12.          Choose your word document file

13.          Upload


Writing Sample Rubric for Social Work Admission to Major Process

Rank each category on a scale of 1-5.

(5 = very strong; 4 = strong; 3 = average; 2 = poor, 1 = very poor)


Clarity: Answers the questions chosen completely and thoroughly           ____



Content: Represents understanding of social work values and ethics       ____



Critical Thinking: Demonstrates critical, creative thinking  about concepts              ____



Concreteness: Utilizes specific examples; is concrete in written expression          ____



Construction: Displays logical organization/structure                       ____



Correctness: Uses grammar and mechanics well                                                ____




                                                                                                                TOTAL   ____


I recommend that the faculty set up an interview with this student for the following reason:_________________________________________________________________



Selection Criteria

Student admission to the social work major is a competitive process. Applicants are strongly encouraged to begin the admission process early to ensure adequate review time.

Admission decisions are made by a committee consisting of the full-time social work faculty. This committee reviews the applications, processes all of the information at their disposal, and takes action on the applications. Completion of required courses, overall GPA, and scores on the writing sample are the main criteria used in determining admission to the major.

Notification Process

Following the admissions committee's deliberations, each applicant is sent an admissions letter electronically, which indicates the outcome of the committee's decisions.