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Roethke Prize

This award is intended to encourage and foster work by poets of U.S. citizenship. The prize is  given to the author of an individual book of poems published in a specific period of three calendar years. This year’s prize covers 2011, 2012, 2013. The recipient must be a living American poet. The prize is awarded without regard to number of  publications, age, gender, place of residence, style or type of poetry, or choice of subject matter and is not for total achievement, but for an individual book. Consequently, there are no limitations on the number of times any particular poet may receive the prize. The award recipient is selected by a panel of judges, normally chosen by the Poet Laureate, Consultant on Poetry to the Library of Congress. The judges are poets who are recognized as literary persons of high standing and have no work of their own under consideration for the prize during the term of their office. Furthermore, no person judges more than twice and, whenever feasible, three new judges are appointed every three years. The only suggestion the Board offers is that the judges remember Theodore Roethke’s own capacity to admire poets who worked in styles and with subject matter far removed from those of his own choice.

The Theodore Roethke Poetry & Arts Festival and SVSU Board of Fellows Triennial Theodore Roethke Memorial Poetry Prize were made possible with the generous support of:
• Dow Gardens
• Melvin J. Zahnow Library (SVSU)
• Michigan Humanities Council, an affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities
• Saginaw Valley State University
• Saginaw Valley State University Board of Fellows

JJ Boehm
Marilyn Bordeaux
Jo Brownlie
M. Patricia Cavanaugh
Paul Chaffee
Margaret Clark
Brandin Dahlstrom
Anita Dey
Chris Giroux
Lynne Graft
Geoff Haney
Jeff Hall
Mike Kolleth
Debbie Marsh

Janet Martineau
LaToya Peoples
Nathan Phillips
Jan Poppe
Annie Ransford
Carol Rumba
Vince Samarco
Ruth Sawyers
Pat Shek
Aran Singh
Craig Snook
Hannah Steele
Jason Swackhamer
Marion Tincknell

Special thanks to:
Mike Bacigalupo
Andrew Bethune
Trish Burns
Rhonda Butler
Tom Braley
Cory Thompson
Steve Erickson
Ed Haycock
Deb Huntley
Carlos Ramet
Janet Rentsch
Mamie Thorns
Domingo Vasquez
Marilyn Wheaton
Tom Braley