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College Republicans

 The College Republicans are SVSU's local branch of the Grand Old Party. Members help to promote and spread the conservative principles and ideals of the Republican Party amongst the campus populace and community. Together with fellow Republicans across the Great Lakes Bay Region, the College Republicans aid and assist local, statewide, and national campaigns, encouraging political participation in our country's government and having fun along the way.


In addition, our members have great opportunities to develop that all important resume with leadership skills, campaign experience, and personal networking across the political landscape. Many of our members have participated in numerous internships and conferences, have worked and administered election campaigns, and have went on to serve in leadership positions in the Republican Party as well as sought and gained elected office. We are always looking for new members, so if you find yourself fed up with the staus quo, come join the "Best Party on Campus"! Visit our website for more information and for meeting times. You may also contact our president, Melanie J. Ellison. We look forward to seeing you

Executive Board Members

Melanie Ellison, President

Kyle Harris, Vice President

Kevin Lorentz, Secretary

Justin Bess, Treasurer

Rob Packard, Ombudsman