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Center for Politics and Public Policy

The Political Science department at SVSU has developed the Center for Politics and Public Policy to help introduce SVSU to the surrounding political community.

The Center’s goals are to:

  • Help students set up internships
  • Bring more activities to campus
  • Establish partnerships between SVSU and the community

The Center also hopes to bring a new level of awareness regarding voting and other civic responsibilities to SVSU students.

Enlisting students from all major programs is important to the Center, because its goal is to help establish community ties that are relevant to all areas of study.  These new relationships will allow the Center to match students with companies, groups with individuals in ways that will supplement students’ education and further their career goals.

The Political Science faculty recently chose James Johnson to act as Director. Political Science Chair Erik Trump and Johnson created an eighteen-month plan to ensure the Center achieves its goals.  The plan includes the building of the Center, creating awareness among students, and reaching out to develop a following within local, state, national and international groups and individuals.

The Center is working to become entirely self-sufficient from University funding and begin conducting symposia regarding political issues.

For more information regarding the Center for Politics and Public Policy, contact James Johnson at (989) 964-7044, or Erik Trump at ekt(at)

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