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Non-Profit Sector

These organizations work tirelessly to improve the Great Lakes Bay Region and the lives of those who reside here.


Bay Area Community Foundation

The Bay Area Community Foundation serves the counties works with community members of Bay and Arenac Counties as well as area businesses and organizations to improve the quality of life in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Saginaw Community Foundation

Dedicated to improving the lives of those living in Saginaw County, the Saginaw Community Foundations works with community members on the problems of today and tomorrow.

Midland Area Community Foundation

The Midland Area Community Foundations works to improve the lives of residents of Midland and Gladwin Counties through grants and scholarships

Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy

The Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy works to protect valuable natural resources and ecological treasures in our region.  By  preserving and protecting these resources, Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy works to make sure future generations will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Great Lakes Bay Region.

United Way

The United way is a national organization that works toward the betterment of our communities through the advancement of education, health and financial stability.


YMCA is an organization that seeks to instill the Judeo-Christian values into practice, enriching the lives of those who participate.