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About Us

Mission Statement

The Center for Public Policy and Service is dedicated to building individuals' civic capacity and discussing issues of community development.  Affiliated with SVSU's Department of Political Science, the Center facilitates students' participation in activities designed to strengthen the democratic process.  These activities include internships in governmental and public service organizations, opportunities to converse and network with local leaders, workshops to develop civic skills, and public policy symposia.  The Center also serves the Great Lakes Bay Region by providing a forum for discussion and a source of information and assistance for all constituencies, including community groups, local government, business, and individual citizens.  The Center undertakes these activities with the goal of improving the comprehensive educational experience for SVSU students by showing them the direct links between the practice of the social sciences and applications in the community.

Vision Statement

The Center for Public Policy and Service at Saginaw Valley State University aims to be the recognized regional hub for political and public service events.  Pursuant to this goal, the Center is committed to excellence in collaborating, expanding and offering assistance to all regional political and public institutions.  By offering a distinctive Center that includes opportunities for independent research, hands-on learning and experience, the Center promotes scholarship in the political science discipline, civic participation, and leadership.