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Modern Foreign Languages

ForLang--Globe for home 250 px w 2 The Department of Modern Foreign Languages offers a wide array of degree options, in French, Spanish, German and Polish. Students graduating with a foreign language major will:

  • Acquire listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the target language
  • Learn about customs, values and behavior typical of the people living in a target language/culture
  • Have general knowledge about history, geography, literature and government of the people living in the target language/culture


  • All 100 and 200 level foreign language classes are scheduled for a minimum of one hour a week in the 24-position Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) lab.

  • The average class size at SVSU is only 24 students, allowing for meaningful faculty/student interaction.

  • 70 percent of SVSU's campus has been constructed within the past 15 years.

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