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Summer office hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 10am to 4:30pm.
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Request a Program from Peer Health Education

Peer Health Educators are trained on various topics so they can educate their fellow students. A sample of the PHE programs are below. All programs can be tailored towards the needs your group.  All programs are FREE!!


Student Clubs/Organizations, RA's, Staff & Faculty are encouraged to request any of the above workshops.

Request a Program

  1. Determine need/interest for this workshop.
  2. Contact the Peer Health Education office at or 989-964-4658, 2-4 weeks prior to the desired program to discuss ideas, date and time possibilities.
  3. Fill out the PHE Program Request Form (114kB)completely and send it electronically or drop it off at D105.
  4. Confirm with the Peer Health Education office one week prior to the program and verify the number of participants.


Alcohol & Other Drugs

Party Smart
Ready to party?  Come find out how to be both a safe party host and party guest.  Through this interactive session, students will learn about both Michigan laws and Saginaw Valley State University's alcohol policies, the consequences associated with high-risk drinking, and how to be a moderate, low-risk drinker, how alcohol affects men and women differently, and how to host a safe, yet fun and exciting party when alcohol is involved. (50 minutes)

Bartending School
What is a drink size? What does a BAC of .06 mean? Bartending school is exactly what it sounds like. Students will go through activity after activity as they discover drink sizes and BAC. This program is very interactive and one our most popular. (30 minutes - ?)

Blame it on the alcohol?
Have your group battle it out to see who knows the most about alcohol. This program engages students with the game Myth or Fact while they learn the truth to some of the most common misperceptions about drinking.  (45-60 minutes)

Getting Higher than the Empire State
Think you know a lot about drugs? Why not put your knowledge to the test? This program is an interactive, non-judgmental approach to education. Students engage in the game Myth or Fact while learning the many misperceptions regarding these substances.  (45-60 minutes) 


Sexual Health 

Sex in the Dark 
Your group will mix and mingle with this program, which starts with a graffiti party! Students will learn about common STDs and how to avoid them! This is a non-powerpoint program that relies on student interaction and participation. (30 - 50 minutes) 

Latex League 
Our most popular program with over 1,000 members can come directly to you! This program can be as long or as short as you want it! The basic program is about 15 to 20 minutes and it shows students the 13 steps to putting on a condom. Included in the basic program is how to use the other safe sex items in the demo bags. With larger groups we can include more activities including a cookie swap. All students completing this program will become Latex League members for life and will receive a free demo bag.  (15 - 50 minutes)

Jungle of Love 
Students engage in a competition against each other as they scramble to finish a scavenger hunt. Participants will learn about common STDs and facts regarding sexual health. A latex league demonstration and discussion wraps up the event. (45 minutes) 

HPV 101 
An estimated 50% of sexually active adults have HPV and don't even know it. Educate yourself by requesting this program stuffed full of useful information about HPV. (50 minutes) 


Mental Wellness

Stress/Time Management
During this presentation, you will learn ways to cope with and manage stress. You will also participate in relaxation techniques and will create your very own stress-relieving tool. (55 minutes)

Emotional You
During this program you will learn about how to take care of yourself emotionally. Students will examine their own time management strategies and the 5 steps to lessen stress. You will walk away with important resources that will help you manage your stress and time. (55 minutes)

Study Strategies & Test Anxiety
Do you feel anxious when taking a test? Do you know what your learning style is? During this program you will learn proper study strategies and test-taking skills that fit your learning style and will help you succeed during your college years. (55 minutes)


Sexual Assault

Step Up!
What does it mean to be a leader? Have you ever been in a situation where you felt you should have step in and done something? During this presentation, you will learn about the bystander intervention and how you could step up in a potentially harmful situation. Nationwide universities are using this program to motivate students to stand up! (45-50 minutes)

Wrongfully Accused. 
Sexual assault can be a touchy subject. With this program, students are encouraged to look at sexual assault in way that is relatable to them by use of a play. Students who are there to learn engage in a play then a discussion about the similarities and experiences in the play. This is an interactive and useful way to educate students about sexual assault and how to help a friend. (30-40 minutes)


Nutrition/Physical Wellness 

Staying Well at SVSU
What does it mean to be healthy and well?  How can you achieve wellness at SVSU?  Come learn about the meaning and dimensions of wellness.  Also, find out more about wellness resources on campus and review basic guidelines for nutrition, fitness, stress relief, low-risk drinking, sexual health, and a variety of other health behaviors. (50 minutes)

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle 
During this program you will learn about food labels, healthy substitutes, and the 6 components of a healthy lifestyle. Not only will maintaining a healthy lifestyle feel good but it will also make you a better student.  (50 minutes)   

Insecurity Sells
During this program you will examine the impact media has on your body image and will learn ways to boost your self-esteem and confidence. (50 minutes)