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Low-Risk Tips

Alcohol is a choice. If you are going to choose to drink alcohol then it is good to look over the low-risk tips. Low-risk means that you are less likely to feel the negative effects of alcohol.

  1. Have a designated driver
  2. Count your "standard" drinks by using bottle caps, can tabs, straws, or marking your arm with a sharpie
  3. Bring only the amount you want to consume
  4. Alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic
  5. Leave a situation if it becomes unsafe 
  6. No more than one drink per hour
  7. Don't accept drinks from other people
  8. Eat a full meal
  9. Know your limits and stick with them
  10. Use the buddy system!


 Ways to Cut Down Your Drinking

  Is your tolerance high? Would you like it to lower? Here are some tips to slow down your drinking.

  1. Write your reasons for cutting down or stopping. Put it where you can see it.
  2. Set a drinking goal. Choose a limit for how much you will drink then stick with it.
  3. Keep a "log" of your drinking.
  4. Watch it at home. Don't keep alcohol around to tempt you.
  5. Drink slowly. Take a break of 1 hour between drinks.
  6. Watch out for temptations. Watch for people, places, or times that make you drink, even if you do not want to. Stay away from people who drink a lot or bars where you used to go.