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Alcoholic Energy Drinks

Brands such as Four Loko, Tilt, etc. 

Mixing alcohol with caffeine creates a different effect than if someone were to be drinking alcohol alone. Caffeine is a drug, more importantly a stimulant. When alcohol is mixed with a stimulant people do not feel the sleepy effect that alcohol has, which is usually when people know it is time to stop drinking or they fall asleep. If someone has caffeine in their system and drinking alcohol, they will not get as sleepy so they continue to drink causing their BAC to increase to dangerous levels.

Four Loko is different because of its alcohol content and size. Four Loko facts:

  • Sales are banned in Michigan but cans are still in the party scene.
  • There are several flavors to mask the taste of alcohol. Flavors include: grape, watermelon, and fruit punch.
  • Drinking one Four Loko is equalivant to drinking approximately 4-5 standard drinks, the caffeine in two cups of coffee.
  • There are an estimated 800 calories in one can.
  • Four Loko has caused people to experience: walking blackouts, hyper-vigilance, anxiety, heart palpitations, extreme mood swings, and alcohol poisioning.