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Alcohol Poisioning

Alcohol is a depressant which means it slows your central nervous system down. This is why people get tired, have delayed reaction time, slurred speach, etc. If someone has too much of a depressant his/her body can actually begin to "turn off". If you or someone you know has had too much to drink, please be aware of the signs and how to help, listed below.


Symptoms (person may have one or all):
  • Person is passed out and cannot be awakened
  • Person has cold, clammy or bluish skin color
  • Person has slow or irregular breaths: Less than 8 times per minute or less than 10 seconds in between breaths
  • Person is vomiting and does not wake up

If any of these symptoms exist, call for help IMMEDIATELY ! Put person on their side and do not leave them alone.

 If your friend is intoxicated:
  • Get your friend to a safe place
  • Do not leave your friend alone; monitor breathing
  • Turn your friend on his/her side to prevent choking
  • Check for signs of alcohol poisioning

If you're not sure if your friend needs help, call 911