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Alcohol & Other Drugs

Alcohol and drug use are just a part of college, right? Not really. Even though there are alcohol and drugs are on college campuses, the frequency that they are used can be skewed. For example, when we surveyed SVSU students 40% reported they did not drink in the past month* (check out our ACHA page for more information!).

Well then you might say, well that is just SVSU. True, that is the statistic for us BUT we are not that far off nationally. For the national ACHA statistics, check out our ACHA page.

Either way, we take a non-judgement stance here in PHE. If you, or a friend, uses alcohol, we highly recommend you attend an event by PHE or find out more information on our website. There are a TON of misperceptions out there regarding alcohol and other drugs in the media, that we hear from our friends & family, and even things we have experienced regarding this substances.

If you, or a friend, might be misusing alcohol or other drugs, we encourage taking the e-chug screening we provide and seeing one of our counselors in the Student Counseling Center. Services are free, non-judgmental, and confidential. For more information regarding our screening, please go to our e-Chug page.

Also, or more information regarding SVSU’s ATOD policy, follow this link.










Everyone has to make a choice if they are going to consume alcohol or not. You might have to make that decision today, tomorrow, in a few months, or even a few years. Don't you want to be ready?

Check out our website for more information! Also, be on the lookout for PHE sponsored events, speakers, or marketing around campus. Always look for our logo!



* (ACHA Data; Spring 2012)