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Frequently Asked Questions

Plan of Action for Student Success (PASS)


Q. What is PASS?
PASS is a personalized, co-curricular program designed for freshmen to ensure social, cultural and academic success. PASS participants will meet with a PASS Advisor to create an individualized plan that will include utilizing various services and resources available to students; identifying co-curricular organizations and volunteer opportunities for the student to become involved with as a freshmen, and offering students mentoring relationships with upper class student leaders.

Q. Who can participate?
This program is designed for students who have a 16 to 20 ACT composite score and is by invitation only. Our research shows that students with this academic record are less likely than their peers to return to college for a second year. We would like to see more students in this group return to SVSU for their second year and stay here until they graduate!

Q. What is the cost?
Participation is free of charge.

Q. What is required of students participating in PASS?
Those who register for PASS agree that they will actively participate in these specially designed activities to increase their success at SVSU. Examples of activities in programs may include study skills, goal-setting, career exploration, time-management, note-taking, and life skills (e.g., health and fitness). In addition, students will learn about the many campus-life activities available, such as clubs, organizations, and events, reflecting his/her interests and passions.

Q. How is a PASS Plan created?
Each student’s PASS Plan is individualized and based on information we have received from the student. At Orientation, each student completed a questionnaire about self-confidence, commitment to college, goal setting, social activity, social connection, academic discipline, and study skills. Many of these factors play an important role in a student remaining and succeeding in college. A student’s ACT scores are also taken into consideration.