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While at SVSU, your student can purchase books, school supplies and more at the Bookstore. Our Postal Services helps your student send packages (standard UPS and overnight), and sells stamps.


Location Telephone Website Email Manager
Student Center (989) 964-4277 Christopher Pawloski

The Bookstore sells new and used textbooks, trade books, art and class supplies and University apparel and gifts. Locating the right books for class is made easier by the friendly store personnel who can assist your student. Tell your student to bring a printout of his/her class schedule to the Bookstore; it will make locating materials a lot easier.

Bookstore purchases can be made by check, cash, debit card, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Financial aid recipients may be eligible to purchase books and supplies with any excess aid dollars available after paying for tuition, fees and housing charges.

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Postal Services

Location Telephone
South Campus Complex–Building C (989) 964-4466

Care packages from home and letters back and forth are great ways for you to stay in touch with your student.

The SVSU Mailroom sells stamps, sends overnight letters and handles UPS package shipping.

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