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OLLI Interest Groups

Over the years, we have learned that people join OLLI for two  major reasons. The first is the opportunity to learn new things, but a secondary, and sometimes more important reason, is the opportunity to meet new friends who have similar interest.  Our Interest Groups bring together members who have similar interests or hope to meet others socially.

How to Start an Interest Group

From time to time we hear that our members would like an Interest Group on a given topic. The first step of the process is to find a group leader.  This is the person who communicates with the group members, and works with the OLLI office to secure a meeting place. If you are interested in leading a group, or want to learn more about the process, contact Jo Brownlie at (989)964-4310 or email her at

OLLI Interest Group Contacts

Interest GroupCoordinator(s)PhoneEmail 
Board Games  Ted Mclaughlin  (989)790-9587    (more info)
Bridge  Matt Skowronski  (989)684-6402  
   Marilyn Bechtel  (989)894-1089  
 Buddhist Psychology  Dr. Eric DeVos  (989)964-4329  
 Choral Singing  Rose Kohut  (989)790-1883  
 Cross Country Skiing  Karol Walker  (989)423-4889  
 Current Events  Carol Gohm  (989)574-5862  (more info)
 Cycling  Linda Ackerman  (989)781-2961 (more info)
 Dinner  Deborah Bula  (989)781-1126  
Esoteric Cosmology Wayne O'Brien (989)686-0475  
 Euchre  Ruth Skeebo  (989)631-1183  
 Gardening  Crystal Kauer  (989)792-6874  
 Kayaking  Dan Dauer  (989)753-6038  
 Knitting  Barb Weadock  (989)792-8839  
 Lunch  Rita Grasso  (989)781-4725  
 MahJongg  Catherine Young  (989)327-1050 (more info)
 Music Collrgium  Eric Nisula  (989)964-4307  
 Ping Pong  Carol Lagalo  (989)752-9857  
 Readers Theatre  Rose Kohut  (989)790-1883  
 Recreational Cycling  Vicki Shrope  (989)615-0317  
 Stamp Collecting  Robert Bula  (989)781-1126    
 Technology  Terry King  (989)714-4408  
 Theatre  Bonnie Rowell  (989)799-3102  
 Walking  Mike Michaels  (989)799-5090