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OIR - SVSU Room and Board Rates

Academic Year 2004-2005

Apartment and New Student Housing Rental Rates


Pine Grove Apartments
Single Bedroom (2 & 4 bedroom units) $4,416/academic year
Double/Shared (2 bedroom unit) $3,400/academic year
Family (2 bedroom unit) $6,036/academic year
First Year Suites/Residence
Traditional Declining Balance $5,645/academic year
Thrifty Declining Balance $5,295/academic year
Declining Balance Plus $6,100/academic year
Extra Charge for Single Room $1,120/academic year
Living Center/Residence
Double/Triple Efficiency $3,530/academic year
Single Bedroom $3,915/academic year
Super Single $5,060/academic year
University Village
Single Efficiency $4,800/academic year
Single Bedroom (4 bedroom unit) $4,146/academic year


Academic Sessions (Housing Only)


Spring and Summer Sessions (University
Village Apartments)
Single Bedroom (4 single bedrooms in townhouse) $370/month
Family Occupancy (Pine Grove Apartments) $710/month
Guest Rooms (Housing only, except freshman
Double Bedroom Occupancy
(2 persons/1
Single Bedroom Occupancy
(1 person/1 bedroom)
Internal Sponsored Activities (paid from
University funds)
Room $9.25/night
Board Negotiable


Conference Count
100 and above
  1. Rates include all utilities except long distance telephone.
  2. SVSU retains the right to rent to four individuals per apartment.
  3. If the orientation format changes, the administration is authorized to adjust the charges accordingly.
  4. Rates may vary according to services and selections desired, number of persons involved, and the length of activity.

For more information on Student Housing call 989.964.4255.