International Student Ambassadors

We love SVSU, but don't take our word for what our International Student Ambassadors have to say about their experience at SVSU! It's always great to hear first hand from a student's perspective. Many of them speak other languages besides english too.


Charlotte Wong 150X200 International Student Ambassador OIP Canada

Charlotte Wong
Major: Business Management

Hello! My name is Charlotte Wong and I am a senior here at SVSU.  I am majoring in Business Management and I plan to graduate in May of 2014.  I am from Prince Edward Island, which is the smallest province in Canada.  The main reason I chose to attend SVSU was to play on the women’s tennis team, but when I did my recruiting visit on campus I absolutely loved everything about the school!  SVSU is a beautiful campus and has a great layout.  It is easy and quick to get around campus and one of the best assets to the school are the BIG dorm rooms!  While playing competitive tennis for SVSU requires a lot of hard work and dedication, it is also a lot of fun and I have developed many friendships with my teammates.  When I am off the court I enjoy hanging out with my friends, and I am also involved in various extra curricular clubs at the school.  Adjusting to college life can be overwhelming at times but overall it will be one of the most rewarding and best experiences you will ever have!  I always enjoy helping other students with whatever their need may be, so feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions about SVSU or anything else!  Hope to see you soon!

College Tip: Looking back at my first year at SVSU I did not know how to balance my academics with my busy schedule very well.  If I were to go back, my advice would be to prioritize your school work and make sure you get what absolutely needs to be done before you go ahead with your other activities.  If you know that you are going to be busy on the weekend but you have an exam the next week, remind yourself to study a little bit each and every day so you don’t feel like you have to cram the night before.  By doing this you will be less stressed and will achieve better results that you know you are capable of achieving!


Nikhil Shah 150X200

Nikhil Shah
Major: Masters in Business Administration

Namaste! My name is Nikhil Shah, and I am a graduate student here at SVSU. I am majoring in Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and I anticipate graduating in May 2014. I am from Mangalore city, Karnataka state, India. I have more than 5 years’ work experience in Banking and Financial Services.

Some of the reasons I choose to pursue my MBA at SVSU are:

It has the AACSB accreditation that is very prestigious and is given to only 5% of the business schools worldwide. Also, all the professors of the MBA program have a PhD and have vast professional work experience that enhances the student’s experience in the class room learning. The professors of the business school conduct a lot of research in different areas and students get a chance to help them in their research projects that adds value in their resume. The MBA program is very flexible and one can choose to complete it anywhere between one to two years or in some cases more. It also offers hybrid classes, which only means that half the classes are taught online while the other half is taught in class where you meet your professors and classmates every fortnight.  SVSU also offers many scholarships to international students and provides opportunities for part-time jobs on campus. There are various clubs in the campus that help internationals to make American friends as well as share their culture with Americans and other internationals. There is one office i.e. the Office of International Programs that is solely dedicated in ensuring a smooth transition of international students at SVSU. We also have a club for Indian Students called the Indian Students Association.

College Tip: The professors have good network in the Great Lakes Bay Region that can help students get research projects, make sure you contact the professors in the area of study you are interested in to find out if they can use your help in any research projects. Also, make sure you interact with and make American friends. Doing the MBA program requires a lot of time management, manage your time for some extracurricular activities and have fun! Michigan has a lot to offer for tourists and specially people who like adventure sports. 



Izabella Ismailovs 150X200 International Student Ambassador OIP Kazakhstan

Izabella Ismailovs
Major: Business Adm. & Management

Hello! My name is Izabella! I’m from Kazakhstan and it’s my first year at SVSU! My major is Business Administration and Management. I came to SVSU after deciding that it would be the best place for studying and enjoying of life. In my spare time I love to play tennis, cycling and hang out with my friends. I am also a huge fan of tennis and play for the Women’s Varsity team here at SVSU.

IF YOU are still deciding what the best school for you is, WRITE ME ANY TIME and I can answer all your questions about our school. I would be more than happy to tell you about all of the different activities SVSU puts on, classes, and what it is like to live on campus!

When you decide to come here, write me and it would be my pleasure to meet up for lunch and show you our beautiful campus! I’M EXCITED TO SEE YOU SOON!

College Tip:  Organize your schedule from the first day of school. It will help you to complete all assignments on time and even help you find time to relax.


Aman Shah 150X200 International Student Ambassador Pakistan OIP

Muhammad Aman Shah
Major: Elementary Education

Hello buddies! I am Aman, a guest student at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) from Karakoram International University (KIU), Pakistan. I am majoring in Elementary Education. I chose SVSU for its small class sizes and the beautiful campus. When I’m not in class, I spend most of my time hanging out with my friends who are from all around the globe. SVSU has a diverse group of students from India, China, Japan, USA, France and many other countries. Some of my favorite SVSU activities are playing Ping-Pong at the Student Life Center, visiting the library to use its many resources, admiring the art in SVSU’s museum, and reading SVSU’s newspaper to unwind after a long day! I cannot wait to hear from you! Email me if you have ANY questions or just want to talk about life at SVSU! Best wishes!

College Tip: My advice is to make as many connections with other students as possible! By staying involved on campus and keeping an open mind I have made friendships that will last a lifetime! SVSU is very welcoming and makes you feel right at home!


Shaya Jewani 150X200 International Student Ambassador OIP India

Shaya Jewani
Major: Economics & Management

Hello! My name is Shaya Jewani and I am a senior at Saginaw Valley State University, majoring in Economics and Management. I was born in Pakistan, but have spent the majority of my life in Michigan. I came to SVSU for the intimate campus atmosphere and small class sizes and do not regret my choice one bit. The campus is beautiful, the faculty is extraordinarily helpful, and the students are friendly.  Within a short time of being at SVSU, I could happily call it my home away from home.  Aside from academics, I am involved with several organizations on campus including Amnesty International, Colleges against Cancer, International Student Club, and HonorCorps of SVSU, through which I have met some amazing and diverse people.  If you have any questions about SVSU, or just want to talk, feel free to contact me! J


College Tip: Get out of your dorm room! Do not stay locked up in your room afraid of going out and meeting people. If you’re nervous, find an organization you think sounds interesting and attend a meeting—this is a fantastic way to meet new people and make some great friends! College is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing new things, so take every opportunity you get!


United States

Adrianne Muntz 150X200 International Student Ambassador OIP

Adrianne Muntz
Major: Social Work

Greetings! My name is Adrianne Muntz. In May, I will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work (BSW). I pride myself for my ability to maximize my experiences to better myself and the environment. I am affiliated with various social organizations, and honor societies. If you have an interest, my best advice is to dive into what you love...knitting, dancing, singing, poetry, chess, you name it...there is always a place for you at SVSU. Although there may not be much time left for me here at SVSU, I am certain that the lesson taught, and the bonds made will forever impact my personal and professional development. If I had a time machine, I would tell my freshmen-self to "seize the day....every day", because the world is full of adventure and opportunities.

If there are any questions about getting involved or how to take that first step into socialization, please feel free to email me.

United States

D'Onna Cameron 150X200 International Student Ambassador OIP USA

D'Onna Cameron
Major: Occupational Therapy

What’s Up! My name is, D’Onna Cameron better known as; Dee, I am a sophomore at SVSU with a major in Pre-Occupational Therapy. I plan on applying to the MSOT program here at SVSU in two years and I plan to graduate with a Master’s degree in Occupational therapy by 2018. I chose to come to SVSU because it is a typically smaller campus. The campus gives me a family like feeling and no matter what classes I attend I always seem to make new friends! Making new friends in class is great because it helps you to study and to learn more about diversity hand-on.

I have a passion for traveling and am lucky enough to have the opportunity to study abroad next summer. I will be studying abroad in Rome for a month. This will be my first time EVER flying on a plane, so wish me luck! Aside from making friends and traveling some of my favorite pastimes include; singing, volunteering at The Friendship Circle, and lastly going to a nice Cardinal football game! I hope to see you soon on campus and show our Red Pride by going to a game together! By the way, don’t forget to say "WHAT’S UP DEE" if you see me around campus!

College Tip: Take advantage of your professors’ office hours. These are hours outside of scheduled class time that you are free to ask your professor questions about the subject your learning. Office hours have been extremely beneficial for me because this way the professor and I get to know each other better. I also get one-on-one time with them which is very helpful if I don’t understand something!

United States

Max Wong 150X200 International Student Ambassador OIP USA

Max Wong
Majors: Health Science &
M.A. in Health Administration

Greetings! My name is Max Wong, and I am fourth year at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) studying towards a Bachelor in Health Science and Masters in Science of Health Administration. Believe it or not I actually am from Saginaw, MI and live only a minute away from campus and will be graduating with my Master’s Degree in the summer of 2015. I want to become a Medical Administrator after I graduate, and I want to work in a Health Care Facility to make a change in the way we deliver health services in the United States for the better.

I really enjoy studying at SVSU, because it is a very inspiring campus with many bright students who share a common goal, the goal to succeed. The faculty and staff at SVSU are all very supportive and engaging, so never be afraid to ask them questions! When I have a little free time after classes, I like to hang out with friends, play tennis, work out, or even swim. I also love to travel to different countries and see different environments with new cultures, because it gives me a whole new perspective on the world we live in. I feel as though I am the person I am today, because of the countries I have been to and what they have taught me along the way. After reading this, I hope the experiences I have gained through SVSU will help you in some way as well. I hope to see you soon and if you are ever on campus, feel free to say hello!

College Tip: I think the best college tip I can you is to “Pursue your Passion”. Find something you really enjoy and have a great time learning. I think the happiness you get from doing something you like is what makes the college experience truly special. You don’t want to study something that doesn’t make you happy; it will just give you a lot of unnecessary stress, because you are not enjoying what you’re doing. 

United States

Phillip Geisz 150X200 International Student Ambassador USA OIP

Phillip Geisz
Major: Chinese History

Hello, my name is Phillip Geisz, and I am currently a senior at Saginaw Valley State University. I am majoring in History with a focus on Chinese history, and I am minoring in Asian Studies, Religious Studies, and Sociology. I chose SVSU because of the beautiful location and the close proximity to my hometown in Bay City. It’s a friendly environment for which I became accustomed to enjoying. I have been to Taiwan to study Chinese at Ming Chuan University in Taipei, and will be going back to Taiwan and China for another year or two to continue my Chinese language studies. I enjoy reading historical books, watching movies, listening to Chinese and Taiwanese music, and visiting with friends, especially my international friends. I am also the President of the Chinese-Taiwanese Culture Club, member of the Japanese Culture Club as well as the Students for the Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum. As a member of SVSU, and as a great friend, I extend a warm welcome to all international students, and I fight to make their experience here as best as possible.

College Tip: There are two versions of college. One is going to class, and doing well during your time in college. The other is being a great student, a great friend, a great neighbor, and a great teacher. You can learn anywhere in the world, but you have to take that first step. After that you become wiser depending on how you perceive the places you go. As you strive for your academic careers, embrace your new friends with open arms, and a loving heart, and they will give you the greatest education in college and in life. Travel, learn, and appreciate!!!