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How do I change my major/minor?
How do I change my residential address?
How do I change my name in the University's system?
My Social Security number has change. How do I update the University's system with the correct Social Security number?
How can I apply for in-state residency?


Where can I find the policy for SVSU's Credit Hours and Attendance?
Can a graduate course be double counted? (i.e. can a student use a graduate course for both a Bachelor degree and Masters degree?)
What are the qualifications to be on the Dean's List or President's List?
What is FERPA?
How can I give my parent/guardian/spouse access to my academic and financial records?
Why can I no longer log into Direct?
What if I forgot my student ID number?
I lost my student ID. Can I replace it?
What is the difference between a second major and a second Bachelor Degree?
How do I withdraw from the University?
How will I know if the University is closed due to weather?