Undergraduate Academic Probation and Dismissal

Students are expected to devote sufficient time and effort to their  course work to maintain at least a 2.00 (“C”) average.  However, a  period of adjustment to the standards of the university classroom is afforded to Freshmen and first semester Sophomores.  All students failing to maintain a “C” average (unless they have been admitted or readmitted on a probationary basis) will be given at least one semester’s warning (probation) before they are required to terminate enrollment.

After completing at least one semester of coursework at SVSU, a student will be placed on probation if he/she fails to meet the following cumulative grade point average requirement:

0-11 credits earned     

12-24 credits earned     

25-36 credits earned     

37 or more credits earned


1.00 GPA            

1.70 GPA            

1.90 GPA            

2.00 GPA

The student is removed from probation when his/her cumulative grade point average rises above these levels.  The student is continued on probation if the semester average is 2.00 or higher but the cumulative grade point average has not attained the minimum standards of the graduated scale above.

Students will be dismissed from the University if, while on academic probation, they fail to attain a 2.00 semester grade point average.

Students who have been academically dismissed from the University for the first time and who have a 1.80-1.99 cumulative grade point average may appeal to the Registrar for reinstatement.  Reinstatement is not automatic, but each case is reviewed on an individual basis.  This appeal must be in writing and the appeal interview must be heard by the last day of regular registration each semester.  All other students who have been academically dismissed may appeal after a lapse of one semester and successful completion of college level work at another accredited institution.

Students who have been academically dismissed and have remained disenrolled for at least two semesters may request readmission from the Office of the Registrar.  Readmission is discretionary with the Registrar and, if granted, will be on terms of academic probation.  Degree requirements will be based on the catalog in use during the semester of readmission.

Students who have been academically dismissed more than once must remain disenrolled for at least two semesters (spring/summer sessions count as one semester) before being eligible to apply for readmission.  Readmission is discretionary with the Registrar and, if granted, will be on terms of academic probation.  Readmission may be contingent upon agreeing to terms of a behavioral contract.