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Requests for Early Commencement Participation

Students wanting to participate in Commencement ceremonies prior to the completion of their degree requirements must submit an email request to the Registrar's Office.  The following criteria (below) will be applied as guidelines to evaluate such requests:

  1. Request must be made by email to
  2. Request must be made before the close of final exam week in the semester before the Commencement ceremony in which the student is requesting to participate is scheduled
  3. Cumulative GPA is 2.50 or greater at the time of request
  4. Basic Skills (remedial) requirements have been successfully met at the time of request
  5. General Education requirements have been successfully met at the time of request
  6. All lower division degree requirements (100 and 200 level courses) have been met at the time of request
  7. Note to Transfer Students: If the student meets all of the above criteria and is granted permission to participate in commencement before all degree requirements are met, and also meets the GPA criteria for one of the three Latin honors designations, such designation will be granted in the Commencement program/booklet if s/he has 62 credits earned at SVSU at the time of the request to participate.
    • If the student meets the GPA requirement for one of the three Latin Honors designations but does not have 62 earned SVSU credits at the time of the request, Latin Honors will still be granted for the Commencement program/booklet and honors cords if the student can reasonably be expected to have earned 62 SVSU credits by the intended graduation based on the credit hours for which s/he is already registered at the time of the request.

      *Please note that the actual honors designation on the official transcript and diploma will solely reflect the cumulative GPA at the time of graduation (not Commencement) and only if the student has earned 62 SVSU credits pursuant to the university Catalog.