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Reverse Transfer

Reverse transfer is the process by which transfer students enrolled at a four-year institution transfer credits back to the community college they previously attended for the purpose of attaining an associate degree from that community college.  Students who have attended multiple community colleges are not eligible for reverse transfer.  In addition, students must have obtained residency status in their community college.

SVSU has reverse transfer agreements with the community colleges shown below .  SVSU students may indicate their interest in reverse transfer by completing the Reverse Transfer Agreement (38kB)form, which will authorize the University to send their transcript to the applicable community college.

A degree is not guaranteed.  The community college must evaluate your coursework and determine if the degree requirements for an associate degree have been met.  Any communications you have regarding an associate degree can be addressed with your community college.


Community Colleges with Reverse Transfer Agreements:

•  Alpena Community College

•  Delta College

•  Kirtland Community College

•  Kalamazoo Valley Community College

•  Mid Michigan Community College

•  Mott Community College

•  St. Clair County Community College