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Admissions Requirements

Department of Nursing RN To BSN

STEP 1 - Apply and enroll in NURS 300 Transition your first semester at SVSU
Before you can apply for admission to the Nursing Program, you must be admitted to the University. If you have not applied and been admitted to the University, please visit Admission to the Department of Nursing for RN students ordinarily occurs during the semester in which they are completing NURS 300.

STEP 2 - Download a nursing application.
Applications are available from September 1st – October 15th for Winter Admission; and from February 1st – April 20th for Fall Admission.

STEP 3 - Fill out application and gather all the required documentation.

  • SVSU transcript from Cardinal Direct.
  • Current class schedule (from SVSU or current school).
  • Transcripts from all schools attended. Official transcripts must be in the SVSU Registrar’s Office TER Report (Transfer Evaluation Report) of all courses that transferred to SVSU. Submit photocopies of all transcripts with Nursing application.
  • A photocopy of any course petition form (if you have petitioned the Department of Nursing or SVSU Registrar regarding a course).
  • Background check confirmation

STEP 4 - Complete a background check.

Students must complete a background check during the application period in which you are applying. The nursing department contracts with for all background checks. Within 48-72 hours after submitting the information, students go back to the site and enter their password to print off the three pages needed with their application. Background checks must be completed each semester. If you applied before and were not admitted, you still must redo the background check. Clinical agencies require background checks to be current. Background checks from local police departments are not acceptable.

STEP 5 - Submit application with required documentation.
Materials may be submitted in person to the faculty secretaries in the Health & Human Services Building – H230 or be mailed to:

Saginaw Valley State University
College of Health & Human Services
Faculty Secretary H230
7400 Bay Road
University Center, MI 48710

STEP 6 - Register for the required interview.
Register online for the interview. PLEASE NOTE: There MUST be AT LEAST 1 week between the time an application is submitted to the Dean and the actual scheduled interview time. For example: Application is submitted to the Nursing Department on September 10th. Student may go to website to sign up right away; however, the soonest the SCHEDULED interview could take place would be September 17th or anytime afterward.


Step 7 - Register for the required writing test.
Register online for the Nursing Writing Test.

Students will be sent a letter by U.S. mail notifying you if your application has been accepted or declined approximately six to eight weeks after the deadline (April 15 and October 20th).