SVSU College of Education

Evidence list for each prompt
(Listed in the order they are referenced in the narrative)

Prompt 1:  Content Knowledge

Prompt 2:  Critical Thinking

  • Content Partner Responses – Prompt 2 (Content Partners2 (55kB)
  • Academic Program Assessment and Departmental Planning Report AY 2011-2012 - Elementary APA Report (APA (407kB)
  • ACEI Assessment #3: Common Lesson Planning Rubric (Common Lesson (184kB)

Prompt 3:  Real World

  • Content Partner Responses – Prompt 3 (content knowledge (37kB)
  • Danielson Student Teaching Rubric (rubric#3 (109kB)
  • Middle/Secondary Unit Plan (TEMS Unit Plan (126kB)
  • Initial Program/Certification Completer Follow-Up Survey (Completers (35kB)

Prompt 4:  Technology

  • TEMS 303: Tech Mid/Sec Stud Achievement Course Syllabus – Fall (303 (54kB)
  • References for Presenting at Technology Conferences email (conferences (246kB)
  • College of Education Professional Development  Sessions (Professional Development (723kB)
  • Danielson Student Teaching Rubric (rubric#4 (109kB)
  • TE 311: Developmental Reading K-8  syllabus: Technology Facilitator portion (TE 311 (48kB)
  • TEMS 312: Teaching Reading in the Content Areas of Secondary and Middle School Fall 2013 syllabus (TEMS 312 (2,250kB)
  • TEMS Classroom Application Paper (CAP) Guidelines –CAEP Assessment for TEMS (Classroom Application (56kB)
  • Employer Survey ??

Prompt 5: Diverse Learners

  • TEMS 301: Community, Culture & Change Assignment – Cultural Bias Investigation – Major Assessment #4 (TEMS 301 (120kB)
  • Data relative to Diversity of Field Placement Experiences (Diversity (71kB)
  • Professional Program Courses 2012 - Initial Field Experience Placement: Diversity (placement sites (204kB)
  • ACEI Assessment #3: Common Lesson Planning Rubric (Lesson plan and reflection (71kB)
  • Danielson Student Teaching Rubric (rubric#5 (109kB)
  • Professional Behavior Assessment Rubric (Professional Behavior Rubric (61kB)
  • SVSU Employer Survey Feedback Report 2012-2013 (Follow-Up Survey (335kB)

Prompt 6: Learning Environment

  • Danielson Student Teaching Rubric (rubric#6 (109kB)
  • TE 341: Methods of Teaching Social Studies, K-8 – Effective Instructional Elementary Lesson Plan for Social Studies – CAEP Assessment #3 (Elementary lesson plan (93kB)
  • TEMS 308: Curriculum and Instruction Unit Plan Rubric (TEMS 308 (35kB)

Prompt 7:  Assessing Student Learning

  • TEMS 310: Introduction to Classroom Assessment Fall 2013 Syllabus (TEMS 310 (525kB)
  • TEMS 312 Classroom Application Paper (CAP) Guidelines: NCATE Assessment #6 Lesson Plan (TEMS 312-2 (18kB)
  • TE 330 Common Lesson Plan Science Rubric (TE 330 (200kB)
  • Elementary Education: Student Teaching Unit Plan and Teacher Work Sample – ACEI Assessment #5 (unit plan (224kB)
  • Danielson Student Teaching Rubric (rubric#7 (109kB)
  • SVSU Employer Survey Feedback Report 2012-2013 (Follow-Up Survey (335kB)

Prompt 8:  Admissions and Advising

Prompt 9: Clinical Experiences

Prompt 12: Standards for Effectiveness

  • Employer Follow-Up Survey raw data (Employer Survey 10_11 (24kB)
  • Employer Survey Feedback Spring 2012 Principal’s constructive Feedback (suggestions (67kB)
  • SVSU Employer Survey Feedback Report 2012-2013 (yearly report (335kB)
  • SVSU College of Education Program/Certification Completer Follow-Up Survey: Secondary English (program area (38kB)

Additional Related ESAR Evidence: