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The Scott L. and Nancy M. Carmona Family Performance Racing Lab (P103)

RTEmagicC_racelab1_01 RTEmagicC_racelab2_01 

The Scott L. and Nancy M. Carmona Family Performance Racing Lab supports the Cardinal Formula Racing team, a course in automotive engines, and senior design projects. This lab has approximately 2,000 sq. ft. for the assembly of engines and FSAE style race cars. Vehicle body creation can be accomplish by setting body components or fixtures directly to a 4ft by 8ft bed plate. This bed plate is directly mounted in the floor of the facility and is under the crane way. A 175 HP engine dynamometer allows students to evaluate engine performance. The dynamometer has modern controls, an attached flow bench, and data acquisition. A composite manufacturing facility is available for students to learn carbon composite manufacturing. The composite facility has equipment for vacuum bagging and compression molding techniques.

Student working on FSAE race car chassis design.


  • 175 HP engine dynamometer
  • Flow bench
  • Head flow bench
  • Composite vacuum bagging system
  • Composite compression molding system
  • Tire changer

Students removing bag and seals after curing a carbon fiber component.