MTTC Preparation


All students going into the College of Education must pass the Professional Readiness Examination (PRE) of the MTTC (Michigan Test for Teacher Certification) program. The state of Michigan currently gives the paper version test four times per year and offers a computer based test during the months that the paper test is not given. For more information on the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification you can visit the program's home page at The CAA Math & Physics Tutoring Center has developed study materials to help students prepare for the Math portion of the Professional Readiness Exam. Because of the recent change from the Basic Skills Test to the Professional Readiness Exam, some of the materials are still in preparation and have not been created yet. To download the study materials, click on the links below:

Professional Readiness Exam Preparation
(Materials have not yet been developed for Statistics and Probability, Logic, and Trigonometry.)

The materials below were developed for the old Basic Skills Test so are not current for the Professional Readiness Exam.

 MTTC Math Subject Area Preparation

MTTC Math (Secondary) Subject Area Practice Problems (7,385kB)

MTTC Math (Secondary) Practice Answers (4,878kB)

MTTC Math (Elementary) Subject area Practice (32,586kB)