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Simple Fines/Sanctions

As approved by the Board of Control at SVSU, University Housing/Community Standard violations falling into a category of "simple fines/sanctions" published below cannot be appealed and will automatically be incurred on student accounts.


Minimum Standard Sanction*

Accidental Property Damage Restitution
Aiding or Abetting Violations/Failure to Discourage $50
Alcohol and Drug Policy According to sanctions published in the Policy for First, Second and Third Offenses
Candles/Incense/Open Flames $100 + University Housing Probation
Disorderly Conduct $50
Endangerment $100
Failure to Observe Terms of Discipline $100
Fire Safety Equipment - Breaking glass of fire pull station or fire extinguisher - Shooting fire extinguisher - Disengaging smoke detectors - Remove or tampering with detectors $200 + University Housing Probation and/or University Probation for two academic semesters
Hosting/Guest Policy/Visitation $50 + restitution + guest restrictions
Hygiene/Laundry/Noxious Odor Referral to Student Counseling Center
Littering/Trashing/Toilet Papering $50
Attachments to Building $100 + Restitution
Misuse/Improper Storage of BBQ Grills and Propane $50
Improper Storage of Bicycles $50
Electrical Equipment/Halogen/Spider Lamps/Foreman Grills not UL approved $50
Footballs, Frisbees, Snowballs, Sports in the Halls $50 + Restitution
Housekeeping/Health & Safety Inspections $25 per Resident + Cleaning Fee
Improper/Unauthorized Outdoor Storage/Stairwells $50

8:00 am - Midnight = $5
Midnight to 8:00 am = $10

Pets/Unauthorized Service Animals

$100 + cleaning fee

Possession of Inappropriate Electrical Appliances $100
Noise/Quiet Hours $25
Screen Removal $50
Selling, Advertising, Soliciting $50
Self-Busing - Failure to $25
Snow Removal - Failure to Remove $25
Smoking/Tobacco Products $100
Treading on Protected Landscaping $50 + Restitution
Trash Removal - Improper Disposal $25 per Bag
Unapproved/Unauthorized Lofts $50 + Removal
Unauthorized Painting $50 + Repaint Costs and Labor
Unauthorized Refrigerators (over 10 cubic feet) $50
Unauthorized Room Change $50 + Move Back to Assigned Unit
Misuse or Removal of University Furniture $50
Voluntary Compliance/Directive of a University Official $100

*Sanctions are applicable to first offenses only, and may be accompanied by probationary periods. Sanctions are progressive with repeat offenses and the severity of the actions.