RiversJoshua Rivers, a 2011 biology graduate with chemistry and Spanish minors, was actively engaged on campus in many directions.  His commitment to learning and leading didn’t stop with his participation in the Living Leadership program.  “The more I do service work, the more I realize it’s the right thing to do.”  With that thought in mind, Josh participated in a short study abroad trip to the Dominican Republic and made a connection to ‘Doctors Without Borders’.  After that, Joshua went on a faculty-led trip to South Africa to compare the African health system to the American one and finally ended up studying several months at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Korea.  And if that wasn’t enough, Joshua also worked with Dr. Bing Yang, professor of biology, completing carcinoma (cancer) research. 

“I am honored and privileged to not only have been a student at SVSU, but also an ambassador, a researcher, a friend to others and a leader.”

At SVSU, I was:

  • A mentor for the Living Leadership Program
  • A mentor for the Office of Multicultural Services
  • Participated in Alternative Breaks programs – rebuilding houses in post-Katrina Louisiana and working in a soup kitchen in Washington D.C.
  • A Roberts Fellow
  • Vice president of Pine Grove Community Council
  • Vice president of the Health Professions Association
  • A participant in the Residence Hall Association
  • Team captain for Relay for Life
  • A chemistry tutor
  • A member of Delta Phi Epsilon (medical fraternity)