Our Living Communities

Amenities in all residential communities

  • State of the art facilities; two thirds of SVSU housing facilities have been constructed since 1998
  • All units are air-conditioned
  • Laundry facilities located in each complex
  • Carpeting provided
  • Furnishings included
  • Basic Cable TV included (co-axial cable needed by student)
  • A high speed data ports for every residential student
  • Wireless Internet service in all housing facilities
  • Cell phone service recommended pending your provider
  • Courtesy phones (local only) in public areas
  • Located near campus dining and retail operations
  • Less than a 15-minute walk from all classrooms
  • Conveniently located near academic support services
  • Smoke-free living
  • Engaging community development activities sponsored by Res Life staff
  • Opportunities for involvement in social, service and leadership-building activities

Affinity Housing

This housing option is available to returning students who would like to live in a cohort with other students with a common interest.  Some past Affinity Housing groups include His House, Honors/Scholars, Political Science, Cru, Phi Kappa Tau, Kappa Tau Epsilon, and Phi Sigma Sigma.  Special University programs coordinated by academic and/or administrative units and SVSU Registered Student Organizations are invited to submit proposals for Affinity Housing.   Affinity Housing allows for student cohorts with shared goals to live in adjacent townhouse-style apartments.

Affinity Housing criteria and timeline.

Freshman Interest Communities

Life at any university is what you make it, and we have great freshman programs that will help your SVSU experience be everything you have dreamed college to be. Freshman Programs include: Cardinals in Action, First Year Residential Experience, Fit into College, and the Living Leadership Program. Students must be starting their freshman year at SVSU in the fall.

Freshman Programs descriptions and application


Our Facilities