Res Life Involvement

There are many ways for resident students to express their membership in the University community.  Becoming an involved resident student is an important component of each student's transition toward adulthood and citizenship.  Residential Life at SVSU offers the following unique opportunities inviting each student's engagement:

Res Life Programming

Residential Life staff create social and co-curricular activities that serve a wide range of interests and goals. Res Life applies a philosophy and purpose to these activities, "programmming" that is rooted in personal student growth and development.  Residential programming will foster integrity, respect, diversity, civility, and fairness in human relationships.

Residential Life Programming Model: C.A.R.D.S.


C…Community Building and Career Exploration/Development

Promote and support positive relationships in your specific area of responsibility by facilitating activities and events that foster self confidence, self esteem, introspection respect, integrity, civility, fairness, and answers the question, “Who am I?”  Assist students in exploring various careers leading to a choice of major/minor.

A…Academic Support

Demonstrate the importance of course work and study by providing passive and active programming opportunities that showcase University resources and services, study skills, and faculty communication.

R…Recreation and Wellness

Provide and engage in activities and events that support a healthy lifestyle and choices philosophy including organized sports, good nutrition, exercise, regular sleep, and stress relief.

D…Diversity and Inclusion

Promote and provide activities that expose students to other cultures, beliefs, lifestyles and value systems; develop skills that enable one to recognize, appreciate, and accept differences in others; deal with issues of racism, sexism, heterosexism, ageism, homophobia, and disabilities.

S…Service, Social Justice and Self-Development

Provide and encourage opportunities that support volunteerism and community service within the University and local communities; explore topics of social justice by attending lectures and creating opportunities to discuss current events; provide opportunities to residents to develop themselves in the broad spectrum of self-development, from appreciating the arts, to life skills and leadership, to yoga.

Freshman Theme Communities

Living Leadership Program (1,998kB)

A complete University experience includes the opportunity to develop and practice leadership skills.  The Living Leadership Program is designed to provide freshmen a community where leadership is a focus.  This program requires an application process, participation in a three-day Kickstart Camp in early August and attendance at a range of leadership development activities in the freshman year.

University Foundation Scholars

Students who reside in the University Foundation Scholar house participate in general education courses with other scholars, as well as enjoy lectures, special events and the opportunity to participate in a study abroad experience or other research project.  This highly selective residential community admits freshmen with a minimum of 3.5 high school gpa and a 24 ACT.  Students who qualify will automatically receive an application. For questions about the UFS, contact the SVSU Office of Admissions, (989) 964-4200.


BEST is a team-based program to enhance the leadership skills of specially selected high-potential business majors and minors. BEST connects students with regional business executives, community leaders and entrepreneurs, and offers unique opportunities for students to learn and practice the leadership skills needed to succeed in a dynamic global economy.  Among other goals, BEST grants early admission to the Business major and the Entrepreneurship minor programs and creates an environment for networking for a group of similar students.  This networking will include joint residential space in SVSU’s Living Center North (if you plan to live on campus) and membership in a student organization comprised of BEST student members.


University Residence Association

Each resident student is automatically granted membership in University Residence Association (URA) by virtue of residency.  Resident students financially support URA and Community Councils through the Residential Leadership Fee, which is collected as part of the room (and board, if applicable) each semester.  Residents are encouraged to express their opinions regarding the residential experience through URA representation.  URA's office is located on the first floor of Living Center North; the phone # is 4789

Community Councils

Each residential complex has its own community advisory or government, which SVSU refers to as Council. Every assigned member of the complex is automatically a member and eligible to participate as an E-board (executive) member or member of the general assembly.

The councils are funded through the Residential Leadership Fee, paid by each resident student as part of the room and board payment. These dollars are intended to be used to create programs and events for the residents of the complex.

F.Y.R.E. First Year Residential Program

Every freshman will need help with something during their first college year. Residential Life has created a series of programs that will present a range of topics representing freshman transition issues. The topics include:

  • Navigating Cardinal Direct
  • Academic Advising
  • Choosing a Major
  • Time Management
  • Faculty House Calls
  • Academic Support Resources: Writing Center, Math & Science Resource Center,
    Student Technology Center and Tutoring

Special Events

Family Weekend is in the Fall semester. Enjoy a weekend of entertaining activities scheduled with families in mind!  The intention of Family Weekend is for each student to host their families at SVSU as a rite of passage ... identifying their classrooms, meeting new friends, showcasing the campus ... and more!

Kids & Sibs Weekend is held in the Winter semester.  Resident students are encouraged to invite brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors, god-children ... to campus to enjoy a full agenda of fun events!  Watch for announcements near the end of Fall semester for dates ...

Health & Safety Week is held within the first month of the fall semester.  During that time, an effort is made by Res Life staff, in collaboration with other key University departments, to call attention to safety matters, such as, but not limited to:

  • fire safety notifications and evacuation practice drills
  • personal safety on and near campus
  • severe weather information