Community Living

Living on campus provides each resident student the opportunity to enjoy a complete collegiate experience. There are many dimensions involved in "living on campus".

In order to create an optimal experience for residential students, the staff of the Office of Residential Life focus on the following:

  • Community Development: nurturing a sense of belonging among residential students
  • Programming: providing activities outside of the classroom that enhance the academic experience
  • Theme Communities: creating unique residential experiences through students' common interests and pursuits
  • Self-Governance: providing opportunities for resident students to have a voice in programs and services offered through Residential Life and Housing Operations
  • Student Conduct: utilizing diplomatic methods of seeking conflict resolution and a congenial communal environment
  • Diversity: modeling attitudes and values that embrace and celebrate our differences and similarities
  • Personal Development: Enabling each student to strive to establish his or her own identity and transition into adulthood