Why Writing Matters

Why Writing Matters in Kinesiology

"One of the hardest tasks kinesiologists have is taking scientific information and writing it in a form that the general population can understand."

~Jeremy Knous, Chair, Dept. of Kinesiology


Typical Writing Assignments

  • Reflections
  • Critical analyses
  • Compare and contrast essays
  • Journals
  • Essays
  • Research papers

Qualities of Good Writing

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Punctuation
  • Syntax
  • Formatting
  • Content and creativity
  • Clarity and flow

Citation Conventions

The Modern Language Association (MLA) Style is widely used for identifying research sources. In MLA style, you briefly credit sources with parenthetical citations in the text of your paper. At the end of your paper in the Works Cited list, you provide the complete description of each source you cited in your text.

Special Comments

The Kinesiology Department works closely with all majors assisting in the development of writing skills.