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Policies, Vision & Strategic Plan



Information Technology Services (ITS) will be recognized as a vital strategic partner within the campus community by providing exemplary service, leveraging technology to support and enhance the academic and administrative affairs of the University.


Campus Outreach

Maintain a robust, multi-level IT support environment, including effective two-way customer-focused communication, that meets the specific needs of the stakeholders and the University.

  • Develop and implement an IT Communication Plan
  • Evaluate and select a third-party communication tool that leverages multicast notifications
  • Foster inter-departmental communication and team development
  • Establish and communicate clearly defined and understood roles and responsibilities of IT staff as well as  the roles and responsibilities of resource partners in project initiation and development
  • Consolidate and streamline help-desk services based upon best practices and end-user customer support that is clearly defined, user-friendly and Service-Level Agreement (SLA)-driven
  • Develop, publish and communicate an ITS “service catalog” based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) or industry best practices
  • Develop a comprehensive Communication Plan to ensure all stakeholders are notified of any technology or application related changes (including downtimes)
  • Implement continuous ITS process improvement methods to enhance service and end-user satisfaction
  • Expand Instructional Technology Development (ITD) training to provide training on administrative system tools for novice and advanced levels

IT Governance and Investment Management

Establish and sustain a "stakeholder driven" IT governance and strategic investment approach to ensure an effective, efficient and comprehensive deployment of resources throughout the institution.

  • Develop a tactical planning process for project prioritization and oversight
  • Review and update all IT policies
  • Develop systems for consistent engagement of major stakeholder groups  in the IT planning and development process
  • Establish a vision and long-term plan for the University web site

Staff Development

Maintain and further develop a customer-service driven, technically skilled and diverse Information Technology organization and culture that provide professional fulfillment, development and growth.

  • Seek and employ professional development opportunities for IT staff in the areas of leadership, project management, business analytics, business process improvement, training techniques, report writing, vendor review and evaluation, and other emerging topics
  • Foster engagement of IT staff within and among the University community
  • Increase collaboration and relationship development with stakeholders and within the IT department
  • Develop methodologies for introducing innovative ideas/concepts


Maintain a secure, reliable IT infrastructure and operations (including, but not limited to, networks, telecommunications and server support) that is adaptable to future demands.

  • Evaluate current technologies, practices and tools with focus on cost/benefit efficiencies through consolidation, simplification, virtualization, cloud resources, right-sourcing and life-cycle planning
  • Further review, evaluate and address the network connectivity and Wi-Fi issues
  • Identify and implement an improved email and calendaring system
  • In collaboration with Purchasing, engage in discussions with cellular providers for improved cell phone coverage options 
  • Deploy appropriate IT security processes, procedures, policies and effective enforcement measures
    • Develop, test and complete a DR/BC plan for all critical applications
    • Develop and complete a data retention policy (including e-mail, image and application data) and procure the resources required to comply with the policy

Continuous Improvement

Provide comprehensive data and reporting resources and tools to enable administrative and academic stakeholders to plan and make decisions that will facilitate student success and retention, business process improvement, and financial viability.

  • Evaluate, select and implement a robust data warehouse and reporting infrastructure that supports administrative and academic initiatives and research
  • Provide an executive dashboard for "current state" snapshots
  • Develop a deployment template for stakeholder-driven Image Now implementations that are based on efficient work flows and cost reductions
  • Conduct a comprehensive Colleague review and business assessment to ensure optimal use of functionality and develop action plans to mitigate any gaps
  • Develop a thorough assessment process that includes a cost/benefit analysis of any programming requests
  • Continually stay abreast of new developments in the distance education field that may enhance online/hybrid courses

Last modified: 12/5/ 2012

The information found on this page reflects the current Vision and Strategic Plan of ITS as of the last modified date. It may be updated as seen fit by ITS in order to keep with the changing needs of the University.