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Connect to the Wireless Network

All wireless devices must connect to a wireless access point in order to access the wireless network or internet. All wireless devices, even those for visitors, must be registered with ClearPass. Visitors will be asked to register as a guest on the open wireless network, SVSU Open.

SVSU Open is not a secure connection. It provides an easy way to register, use, and share several wireless devices, such as gaming consoles, wireless printers, TVs, or devices that do not support or need encrypted sessions. It also allows visitors to campus the ability to connect to the wireless.

  1. On your device, look for the SVSU Open wireless network.
  2. Once connected, open a browser. It should automatically direct you to If not, manually visit that URL.
  3. Click "Guests Click Here."
  4. Check the box to accept the SVSU terms of use.
  5. Click Log In.

The guest will be registered with ClearPass, redirected to the SVSU home page, and be able to use the wireless for a 24-hour period. If the guest will be on campus for more than 24 hours, they can repeat these steps when their access expires to get an additional 24 hours.

Connect Mobile Devices to SVSU Email

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