M-Drive and V-Drive

SVSU offers network storage space to all faculty, staff and students.  This storage space is commonly referred to as the M-Drive.  Access to this storage space is available both on and off campus. When off-campus, communicating with the M-Drive is done through V-Drive.



Space Limitations

  • Faculty and Staff - 20 GB
  • Students - 10 GB
  • Retirees - Access expires after 2 weeks of unemployment
  • Alumni - Access expires the first semester of non-enrollment

M-Drive Mappings for Mac Users

Mappings are based on the first letter of your SVSU username. Please watch the video on YouTube for how to use these server mappings.

  • Username starts with A = smb://mdrivea.ad.svsu.edu/users
  • Username starts with B - C = smb://mdrivebc.ad.svsu.edu/users
  • Username starts with D = smb://mdrived.ad.svsu.edu/users
  • Username starts with E - G = smb://mdriveeg.ad.svsu.edu/users
  • Username starts with H - I = smb://mdrivehi.ad.svsu.edu/users
  • Username starts with J = smb://mdrivej.ad.svsu.edu/users
  • Username starts with K - L = smb://mdrivekl.ad.svsu.edu/users
  • Username starts with M = smb://mdrivem.ad.svsu.edu/users
  • Username starts with N - Q = smb://mdrivenq.ad.svsu.edu/users
  • Username starts with R - S = smb://mdrivers.ad.svsu.edu/users
  • Username starts with T = smb://mdrivet.ad.svsu.edu/users
  • Username starts with U - Z = smb://mdriveuz.ad.svsu.edu/users

Interested in learning more?

Check to see if we have an upcoming workshop planned, or contact a trainer in the ITD Lab to schedule a 1-on-1.