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Dreamweaver Settings

These settings are applicable for Dreamweaver 8 or newer.

  1. Open Dreamweaver, click the Site menu and choose New Site.
  2. Give your site a name, such as "My SVSU site."
  3. Click the Folder button to the right of the text box for Local root folder. Navigate into the folder you created before opening Dreamweaver that will contain your web files and click Select.
  4. Enter the URL for your website for the HTTP Address:
  5. Click Remote Info under Category, then choose FTP for your access type.
  6. Enter the FTP
  7. Enter the Host Directory: public_html/
  8. Check Secure FTP (SFTP).
  9. For Login and Password, enter your SVSU username and password.
  10. Click OK.


Need help?

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