Office Computers & Accessories

  • Staff Computer Systems and Software Ordering
    Follow the instructions below to find configurations and pricing. For additional analysis and planning, contact Mike Holliday, x7140. For assistance in purchasing, please contact Tish Yaros, x4685.
  • Faculty Computer Systems
    Every fall semester, ITS reviews and prepares to implement the Academic Technology Plan (ATP).  The ATP provides funding to replace a portion of the faculty office computer systems every year. Early September, ITS typically contacts those faculty they have identified as being eligible to have their computer replaced. Only computers are replaced. Other hardware and software is not funded through ATP. Replaced systems are then rebuilt and trickled to staff office locations that are in need of better equipment. If you have questions regarding this process, contact Mike Holliday, x7140.
  • Lab Computer Systems and Software
    ITS updates or replaces technology in computer labs on a rotational basis every summer.  Faculty are encouraged to submit their software needs for teaching labs every winter semester in preparation for the following academic calendar. For more information pertaining to reservations and software ordering, review the Lab Policies posted online.  For additional analysis and planning, contact Mike Holliday, x7140.

How to order technology-related equipment and software:

Step 1. Decide what you want. If you're ordering a computer, printer, standard software, or peripherals see our price list at:

If there is something you want to know that isn't on the website, please call Tish Yaros, x4685.

Step 2. Send all technology-related (hardware, software, and peripherals) purchase orders to Tish Yaros in Information Technology Services; Wickes 216. Once Tish receives a purchase order, she will check it for accuracy and enter it into our tracking system and send it off to Purchasing to be finalized and ordered. Any questions should be directed to Tish regarding technology purchase orders.