Mac OS X Wireless Settings

Step 1: Click on the Wi-Fi icon at the upper left corner of the screen.  Select "Open Network Preferences...".

Step 2: Ensure that Wi-Fi is turned on.  Click on the "Advanced..." button. 

Step 3: Under "Wi-Fi", remove "SVSUSecure", "SVSU", and "SetupSVSU" from the list of Preferred Networks. This can be done by highlighting the networks and pressing the "-" button.

Step 4: Press the "+" button below the list of Preferred Networks. Enter the information as follows and click "OK":

  • Network Name: SVSUSecure
  • Security: WPA/WPA2 Enterprise
  • Mode: Automatic
  • Username: Your SVSU Username
  • Password: Your SVSU Password

Step 5: Click "Connect".

Step 6: Click "Continue" when the "Verify Certificate" window appears.

Step 7: Wait up to 2 minutes for authentication to complete, then go to Step 3 of the registration procedure.