ResNet Devices Policy Includes Routers, Wireless Routers, Hubs, Wireless Devices, Etc.


As of August 1, 2009, SVSU's wireless data network is available in all residential living facilities.

Students living in the SVSU Residential facilities often need additional ports to support game consoles or wireless access for group entertainment or group study activities.



Routers owned by students render basic ResNet security requirements difficult to enforce. This exposes the entire ResNet susceptible to viruses, malware, and other forms of computer attacks.  Therefore all routers are banned.


Wireless Routers

Wireless routers are prohibited from use in University Housing as of Fall 2008.  Since the University has secured wireless access available throughout housing, additional wireless routers are not necessary and actually present additional connectivity issues, and are therefore banned.


All Wireless Devices

The SVSU wireless network will require all devices to be configured with WPA2-Enterprise security encryption enabled (WPA2-Enterprise, not WPA-Home, WPA or WEP).  If a wireless device (such as laptops, cell phones, PDA, iPod, and gaming devices) does not support WPA2-Enterprise encryption it will not be allowed access to the campus network. 

Users will need to work with the manufacturer of their wireless device to determine if WPA2-Enterprise is supported, or if there are available patches for their device to get it into compliance, as well as how to enable their device accordingly.  It is not the University's responsibility to upgrade student devices nor to ensure all devices on the market meet WPA2-Enterprise standards.

Wireless devices that do support WPA2-Enterprise must be configured with WPA2-Enterprise prior to the required registration on the network, before full access is granted. Follow the guidelines posted at: Registration.

Gaming Devices on ResNet

All gaming devices (wired or wireless) must be registered on the network using a PC.  Users must know the MAC address (or commonly called Ethernet address) when registering their device.  Again, wireless devices require WPA2-Enterprise encryption, otherwise they are not allowed access to the network. 

Wireless Game Consoles 

The potential exists for a wireless gaming console to conflict with the University wireless network resources (interfering with other users' ability to connect wirelessly).  If such a circumstance does occur, the owner of the console will be asked to desist from using the wireless device.

Gaming Bandwidth

Please note that while the University allows gaming devices to access the network, there exist policies on security and traffic prioritization that might affect game play.

Multi-Port Switches 

Students who just need multiple ports may install their own switch. Below is a list of suggested switches.  Wireless switches are prohibited.



Should I get a switch in my 2 room efficiency in LCN/LCS?

Long ethernet cables would be sufficient and less costly.  If you need multiple ports, see the next FAQ below.  


If I need multiple ports and want to use my own switch, which ones are acceptable?

The recommended switches commonly available at stores like Best Buy are:

Linksys: EZXS55W, EG005W, SD2005

Netgear : FS605, GS605, GS105, GS105, FS105, GS105NA, GS605NA

D-Link: DGS-2205, DES-1105,