Faculty and Staff Email Management and Retention Policy


NOTE: All meetings, appointments, tasks, documents, and documents in briefcases and reminders are handled exactly like email. All references to archiving email hereafter, include email, meetings, appointments, and reminders.

  1. All date references are based on the date the email was created.
  2. Managers may request, with Records Officer approval, an archive search for former employees. The SVSU Records Officer is the Vice President of Administration and Business Affairs.
  3. The Records Officer may request an archive search via Network Services to meet Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.
  4. Backups of email are retained according to the backup policy.


SVSU must meet both functional (user-oriented) and FOIA requirements when retaining faculty and staff email. Pending a formal records retention policy, encompassing hard copy and digital records, the above interim email policy has been adopted.