Email Alias Policy

What is an email alias?

An email alias is an alternate email address that can be used in addition to the primary email address. This allows you to have a longer email address than the one that was automatically assigned. For example, if John Q Publicson’s primary email address is , an alias of could be assigned. Email sent to either address would go to the email account.

How do I obtain an email alias?

Only employees are allowed to have an email alias. Follow the procedure outlined below in the employee section of the work flow detail.

Email Alias Request Work Flow:

Employee ==> ITS Support Center ==> ITS Networking ==> ITS Support Center ==> Employee

Email Alias Work Flow Detail:


The employee will submit an alias request, via email, to the Support Center at indicating the desire to have an email alias created and providing the name of the alias (ex. )

Support Center

The Support Center will enter the request information into the call tracking system assigning the ticket to the Networking team and indicating the need for a follow-up with the employee by the Support Center upon completion of the request. Note - If the requested alias is "unusual", the Support Center will request approval from the Executive Director or Director of ITS prior to assigning to Networking.


When the Networking team has completed creation of the alias, Networking will mark the call tracking ticket as complete.

Support Center

When the call tracking ticket has been completed, the Support Center will contact the employee.