Payout of Sick Leave Hours

Effective immediately the University will no longer payout all unused sick leave hours for support staff employees accepting an Administrative Professional position. Hourly employee's sick leave hours will only be paid out in accordance with the Support Staff contract article 22.107.

If an hourly employee accepts an Administrative/Professional position at the University, the employee will be granted Sick Leave days in accordance to the Sick Leave policy for the Administrative/Professional Staff. If the employee's accumulated support staff sick leave hours, subject to the limitations of article 22.107, are greater than the hours that will be granted as an Administrative/Professional, those sick leave hours over and above the Administrative/Professional, will be paid to the employee. If the support staff employee's sick leave balance is equal to or less than the hours granted as an Administrative/Professional employee, no payment will be made.

If an Administrative/Professional employee accepts a Support Staff position, sick leave hours accumulated will be transferred into the employee's hourly sick leave plan.