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Employment Reference Check Form

This form may be printed for use in the Recruitment Process

Forward the completed Reference Check Form to the Employment & Compensation Services Office to document this discussion.


Before you begin asking questions indicate that Saginaw Valley State University has obtained a signed release which authorizes the reference to honestly respond to these questions.

  1. Explain the position he/she is a candidate for.

  2. How do you know him/her? Did you ever work with him/her? How long?

  3. If working relationship, what was his/her job, and where was it?

  4. What was his/her quality and quantity of work like?

  5. Did he/she follow safety procedures?

  6. How did he/she get along with other employees?

  7. How did he/she get along with customers?

  8. How did he/she get along with supervisors?

  9. Did he/she take direction and constructive criticism well?

  10. How did he/she affect other people?

  11. Did he/she exhibit supervisory skills?

  12. How many subordinates and what sort of positions did he/she supervise?

  13. What sort of management style did he/she use?

  14. What was his/her attendance and punctuality like?

  15. Did he/she have any problems with his/her supervisor or any subordinates?
    If so, please explain them.

  16. What were his/her performance evaluations like?

  17. How did he/she compare to others in similar positions? (on a scale of 1-10)

  18. What are his/her technical skills and knowledge of (type of work or area of employment)

  19. Does he/she work well independently? As a member of a team?

  20. What are his/her top three strengths? What are three weaknesses?

  21. In what areas or what skills can he/she improve?

  22. Evaluate his/her speaking, teaching, presentation skills:

  23. Has he/she displayed leadership skills? Explain.

  24. What would you say are his/her major accomplishments? Why?

  25. Evaluate the following:

    • Timeliness:
    • Time Organization:
    • Writing:
    • Follow through:
    • Communication Skills:
  26. How do you rate his/her character (honesty, integrity, work ethic, and attitude)?

  27. Do you know how he/she handles change?

  28. Do you know why he/she left his last position?

  29. Would you hire him/her again? Would you work for him/her? Why or why not?

  30. Do you know anyone else that we can contact as a reference for him/her?

  31. Is there anything else we should know about him/her?