AP Development Assessment Tool

This checklist may be printed for use in the annual Administrative Professional Evaluation performance review process

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This form is to document annually that the following topics have been discussed. Supporting documentation should be retained by the department.

AgendaCheck Off When Done
1. Discuss the employee's performance on primary responsibilities/priorities in the past year. (A written summary of responsibilities/priorities should have been previously provided to the employee.)a. Revise written responsibilities/priorities for the coming year, as needed. (If revised, provided updated copy to the employee.)b. Describe how they relate to overall unit objectives.  
2. Discuss the employee's strengths/areas for growth in critical performance factors (see back).  
3. Discuss barriers to effective work performance and job satisfaction.  
4. Discuss possible work process improvements.  
5. Discuss the employee's development (over past year; future needs for current job; long-term career goals and development needs to achieve them).  
6. Discuss whether the employee continues to grow to meet future needs and demands of the changing environment.  
7. Discuss the employee's feedback/constructive suggestions for the supervisor.  
8. Discuss anything else the employee would like to address.  


Supervisor/Employee Comments:  
Development Training Needs:  
Employee meets orexceeds current expectations:

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Note: If No, Performance Improvement Plan to be completed.

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Critical Performance Factors

The following are performance factors which should be discussed during the annual performance review. Other performance factors are specific to your department's strategic plan or the employee's development plan may also be used.

  • Teamwork/Cooperation (within and across units)
  • Customer Orientation
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Flexibility/Adaptation to Change
  • Continuous Learning/Development
  • Leadership/Initiative
  • Displays Vision
  • Planning/Organization
  • Problem Solving/Judgment
  • Makes Effective Decisions
  • Takes Responsibility
  • Achieves Results
  • Communicates Effectively
  • Dependability/Attendance
  • Job/Organizational Knowledge
  • Productivity
  • Positive Attitude
  • Works Safely
  • Additional Factors for Supervisors:
    • Coaches/Counsels/Evaluates Staff
    • Identifies Areas and Supports Employee Development Opportunities
    • Encourages Teamwork and Group Achievement
    • Leads Change/Achieves Support of Objectives
    • Enables and Empowers Staff
    • Strives to Achieve Diverse Staff at all Levels
    • Understands Diversity Issues and Creates Supportive Environment
    • Encourages Safety; Monitors and Trains Employees in Safe Work Habits

ABA 810-5-98